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Chief Maintenance Engineer Resume

The chief maintenance engineer resume can be referred by candidates aspiring for maintenance jobs. Though there can be different maintenance engineer resume profiles, the resume sample given below is that of a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, who specializes in industrial equipment. The example resume can also be referred for drafting other engineering resumes as well, provided appropriate changes are made to the technical details.

You may note that the candidate Michael R. Ramos has maintained a uniform patter through out, which has enabled him to highlight required skill-sets with minimal efforts, maintaining the legibility and visual appeal. Similarly, he has selectively included the designation at the start of the resume, which makes it stand out of the lot. Even the selective highlighting of key details in the career summary further help in retaining employer's interest and guide it to work experience section. Thus, flow of information and the layout together contribute towards marketing of candidature. The same is applicable for other sections as well. Details like awards, memberships, references, declaration, etc., may be included or excluded at candidate's discretion, subject to parameters such as support to job profile, resume length (number of pages), and relevancy to profile, or if asked by employers specifically. For instance, it is not mandatory to include reference, unless specifically asked by employers. We would recommend that if a reference is included, it should be of a person of repute, and if possible, of someone who has worked with you or has been a superior.

Before candidates start drafting their resumes, they must also study organization profile, and critically analyze the job description, for strategically targeting employer's requirements. For more information, please refer to the chief maintenance engineer resume example given here.

Chief Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample
(An experienced mechanical engineer with specialization in maintenance all types of industrial machines and machineries)

Michael R. Ramos

3687 Pritchard Court
Albert Lea
Minnesota - 56007
Tel: (507) 379 1147

(Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Services)

Career Goal

To work as a Maintenance Manager with a reputed manufacturing firm, where I can execute and develop my skills and knowledge, and ensure all machines are working efficiently for maximum productivity.

Career Summary

An adept mechanical engineer with more than 9 years of experience in maintaining and servicing industrial equipment and machines. I have in-depth knowledge of machines used in industrial plants, their service requirements, and have also developed competency over resolving operational bottlenecks, to ensure smooth operations. With skills-sets imbibed by experience, I have been able to plan and design process layout, supervise equipment assimilation, installation and integration and assist in plant layout planning.

Work Experience

Maintenance Engineer (Manufacturing Plant) (August, 2007 - till date)
Northshore Manufacturing Inc., 530 Recycle Center Dr., Two Harbors, MN
Job profile

Responsible for ensuring all machines used in plant are in serviceable condition with optimum production efficiency.

Job Description:

  • To plan maintenance schedules of all machines
  • Develop maintenance guidelines for staff to observe and follow
  • Integrate all machines together for developing an uninterrupted work flow chart
  • Plan installation and assimilation of heavy machines, which require on-site work
  • Maintain record of all machines used in the plant, their maintenance schedule, technical specifications, vendor agreements, etc., for future reference
  • Coordinate with Plant Manager and other engineers for ensuring optimum performance and enhanced productivity
  • Develop training plans and modules for maintenance engineers
  • Assist in preparing user manual for workers working on machines
  • Assist in planning process design and developing work floor layout for optimal utilization of available space

Mechanical Engineer (July, 2003 - August, 2007)
Eggert Manufacturing, Inc., 3625 409th NW Ave., Braham, MN
Job Profile

Responsible for resolving mechanical equipment failure and maintenance of all machines installed in plant and used in daily operations.

Job Description:

  • Attend to technical/mechanical failures and resolve them as soon as possible
  • Ensue all machines are installed as per the floor plan
  • Follow established protocols for maintenance of equipment, and safety instructions
  • Ensure that all machines are working efficiently
  • Record all vital stats for different machines, such as oil level, power consumption, next schedules maintenance date, etc.
  • To assimilate machine components at premises for bulky or heavy machines
  • Ensure machines are transported and handled as per instructions
  • Coordinate with vendors for Q.C of all machines at the time of procurement
  • Assist purchase department in inspecting machines purchased against the specifications mentioned in invoice
  • Follow periodic maintenance cycles, and provide break down maintenance services

Educational Qualifications

  • Course: M.E. (Master of Engineering) Mechanical
    Year: August, 2001 - June, 2003
    Institute: Argosy University, 1000 Blue Gentian Rd. Ste. 250, Eagan, MN

  • Course: B.S (Bachelor of Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
    Year: June, 1997 - August, 2001
    Institute: Dakota County Technical College, 1300 145th E St., Rosemount, MN

Core Professional Competencies

  • Expertise at maintenance and servicing of industrial equipment and machines
  • In depth knowledge of process layout
  • Ability to assimilate, install and integrate equipment as per the layout
  • Knowledge of plant layout planning

Personal Skills

  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Team management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills: Written and Oral
  • Organized work approach


Mary J. Hardin
(Plant Engineer)

Northshore Manufacturing Inc.
530 Recycle Center Dr.
Two Harbors
Minnesota - 56017
Tel: (207) 452 7812


I hereby declare that information shared above is reliable and accurate, and if found misleading can result in termination of my candidature.

Signature: ####

Name: Michael R. RamosDate: June 11, 2012Place: Albert Lea, MN

The chief maintenance engineer resume sample given above illustrates presentation styles which can promote the candidature effectively by highlighting skill-sets. We recommend that candidates also incorporate personal for giving the resume a unique and personalized look.

Wishing all the applicants success in drafting a job winning resume!!!

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