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Chemical Engineer Resume

Various scientists, researchers, etc., discover or invent new chemicals, compounds, etc. However, these researched chemicals or compounds can be termed as raw material or core product, which is later studied and developed further by a Chemical Engineer, to develop a final product, which helps in bringing these discoveries to the market in the most cost-effective manner. This is just one part of their job profile. Chemical Engineers are also responsible for research of various chemicals and compounds, which are later patented or sold to different manufacturing companies. The job profile appears to be a bit complicated, however, on reading the sample chemical engineer resume given below, one can get a clear idea of what actually is the job role or responsibility of a Chemical Engineer.

Sample Chemical Engineer Resume
Garry .C. Stewart
2214 North Street
Portsmouth, VA 22141
Ph: 444 777 111

Career Objective:

Highly skilled, enthusiastic, and self-motivated, individual, looking forward to be a part of an organization, wherein I get to use the best of my skills and abilities, and play an active role in chemical and compounds research and development. Seeking a designation hike, along with which come additional and higher responsibilities.

Career Summary:

Have been a part of this industry for almost 2.5 years. Currently am employed with SNS Chemical Research Lab, Portsmouth, wherein I work under the guidance of some of the best minds of our field. Having worked under their guidance for all these years, have learned or developed the essential skills, and practical application of all the theoretical concepts.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good at critical analysis, which helps in relating facts and occurrences, and drawing conclusions after thorough analysis
  • Well-aware of government rules and regulations regulating the use and research of chemical
  • Well-acquainted with the working procedures of a chemical research firm, and the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the research of chemicals
  • Well-acquainted with the laws and patents
  • Good communication and organizational skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - SNS Chemical Research Lab, Portsmouth
Designation: Chemical Engineer
(2009- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the senior researchers in research on new chemicals and compounds
  • Responsible for solving any problems and issues pertaining to use of certain chemical in a product
  • Responsible for researching on existing chemicals, and inventing new uses for the same
  • Stay updated with the latest technology in chemical research and development
  • Responsible for designing or planning manufacturing processes to help produce the required chemical in the most cost-effective manner
  • Record the findings, assumptions, conclusions, and draft scientific reports
  • Responsible for studying various chemical compounds

ZK Chemical Researchers
Designation: Intern


  • Assist the Chemical Engineers
  • Understand the process and procedures of chemical research, chemical engineering, etc.
  • Draft scientific reports as per instructions
  • Stay updated with latest development and research in the field
  • Study and observe various researches
  • Making all the arrangements for research


  • Pursuing MS in Chemical Engineering, University of Portsmouth
  • Bachelors of Chemical Engineering, University of Alexandria - 2008

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in computer operations
  • Proficiency in using analytical tools

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participant of a forum on chemical engineering and research


Looking for suitable opportunities in Portsmouth only


Available on request

Garry .C. Stewart

The sample chemical engineer resume given above helps understand the job profile of a Chemical Engineer. Thus, this person is not only responsible for developing cost- effective techniques for manufacturing of various chemicals, but also researching new chemical and compounds, inventing new uses of the same, etc. The sample resume given above, thus serves a dual purpose. It explains the job role, for someone who does not know much about this profile, and serves as a resume template for someone, who is already in this field and is applying for different jobs. Draft an effective resume referring to the same, such that you can convince the employer that you possess the required skills, abilities, and potential for the said position. Always remember, a well-written resume helps in creating the correct impression on the prospective employer, and helps in clearing the resume-screening round with ease.

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