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Certified Systems Engineer Resume

Job Description:

Apart from designing and administering information system, a certified systems engineer has the responsibility to design computer hardware and software and train the employees by giving technical training and practical demonstration. He or she has to manage the I.S staff and resources and provide hardware support. Another important duty of a certified systems engineer is to create and manage websites and build databases.

A certified systems engineer has to look after the following works of the organization such as accounts and pay roll, customer service, information technology, health care, office administration, web-graphic designs and insurance. He or she has to coordinate in respect of system development tasks such as design, integration, and test processes. He/she has to ensure that all transitions are transferred into production.

A certified systems engineer is completely responsible for system specifications, technical and other requirements as well as other disciplines. He or she is in charge of developing computer programs and technical documentation of these programs and supervise whether the plans are executed efficiently.

Helen G
136, Wright Court
Phone: 206-208-7611

Job Objective:

I am searching for a post of certified systems engineer in a reputed organization where advancement and career opportunities are always bright.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I am equipped with sound knowledge of network systems applications and installation.
  • I have good experience to troubleshoot servers and several networks.
  • I have deep knowledge of network protocols and associated components and am proficient in local area networks, wide are networks, internet and intranet systems.
  • I am proficient with network designs, security, routing and switching.
  • I have the ability to understand the latest technologies and apprise them to other users.
  • I am specialized in Microsoft Office, UNIX, Windows 2000 and Microsoft Word.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a certified systems engineer in Oliver IT Solutions from July, 2006 to till date and hold the following responsibilities to my credit.

  • I am responsible for removing all technical issues in the system's infrastructure after identifying them through various testing processes.
  • I have collected all the required materials required for the infrastructures such as servers, hardware, and software.
  • I have collected necessary price quotations, ordered for the supplies of software and hardware required for the systems, and take follow through actions till they are delivered.
  • I am in charge of creating databases, records, and documentation of all the systems installed.
  • I have coordinated with the user departments and informed them about the network schedules, backup, and downtime allotted to them.
  • I am responsible for installing new servers and providing technical support to IT infrastructure.
  • I have resolved all technical problems on servers and systems by traveling to the customers' website.

Earlier, I had worked as a certified systems engineer in an IT solutions company in Dublin, OH from the year 2001 to June, 2006 and had held the following responsibilities.

  • I was responsible for improving the procedures for quality implementation of data processing systems and identified programming and output needs.
  • I had conducted program code analysis for verification purposes.
  • I had documented the system procedures and included the latest modifications in them.
  • I held the responsibility of answering the queries and doubts raised by the system users.
  • For the use of the external field workers, I had evaluated and upgraded systems and their infrastructures.

Educational Background:

I have a M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from a University in Boston.
I possess a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the same University in Boston.


I shall produce the list of references at the time of interview.

In today's economy, you are required to present your experience carefully to avoid being seen as unstable. Nowadays, the unemployment period runs for even years together, and you have to be strategic in explaining your job experiences and gaps in the employment. When you are looking for a system engineer post, you have to prepare a certified systems engineer resume explaining your experiences and job gaps in a clever way. The employer should not think that you are a frequent jumper from one job to the other.

The importance of certified systems engineer resume is that you have to explain the reasons for the gaps between successive employments. You might have been engaged in some volunteer services or you might have undergone useful trainings that are related with your qualifications. While explaining the details of certified systems engineer, do not fail to include these useful experiences so that the employers will think that you were otherwise engaged in useful activities.

Short gaps might not be noticed. Further, you have to use the objective statement to summarize your goals and top qualifications. These are the main selling points and they will downplay your chronology.

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