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Certified Automation Engineer Resume

Job Description:

A certified automation engineer deals with hardware and software applications and its development and responsible for implementing several projects using the technical skills. He/she is also responsible to solve troubleshooting problems with the equipments and see that they function properly. He or she has to design systems to perform various functions.

A certified automation engineer has to develop advanced automated testing methodologies and coordinate with other engineers in the testing processes. Further, he or she has to supervise the testing activities of the staff working under him/her and guide them in improving the testing procedures. A certified automation engineer should ensure that expected quality levels in products are achieved. He/she has the responsibility to test the products in all the stages of their life cycle.

A certified automation engineer has to interact with the developers in executing the projects successfully. He or she has the moral responsibility to participate in all the activities such as designing, testing procedures and executing the projects and by his/her presence the employees will get encouraged to perform effective work and show efficiency and improvement.

Clifton C
2082, Twin Willow Lane
Phone: 910-413-5810

Job Objective:

I am a certified automation engineer and seeking a position in a well established and reputed company to prove and use my skills for the benefit of the company and for the self improvement.

Core Competencies:

  • I have good experience in automated processes and possess deep knowledge in automation procedures and principles.
  • I am familiar with all types of automation tools.
  • I have admirable knowledge in computer applications and am proficient with working on computer languages.
  • I have the ability to perform troubleshoot regarding several hardware and software designs.
  • I am familiar with designing, coding and maintaining automation framework.
  • I have good knowledge of configurations of SCADA, PLC and HMI as well as system satisfaction.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a certified automation engineer in a chemical company in Palestine, TX from June, 2005 to till date and I am in charge of the following roles.

  • In respect of the ongoing projects, after analysis, I have developed certain plans for improvements and automated processes.
  • I have learnt all the latest industrial automation technologies and introduced and implemented them in the processes of the organisation.
  • There will be frequent changes in the processes and I have documented and updated them on a regular basis.
  • I am in charge of imparting corrective and preventive measures regarding the maintenance of facility processes and equipments.
  • I am in charge of answering to the queries by the customers and responsible for taking remedial measures in solving their problems.
  • I have developed automated test processes to ensure high performance of electronic equipments.

Prior to the above employment, I had worked as a certified automation engineer in Universal Technologies in San Jose, CA from the year 2001 to March, 2005 and I had discharged the following responsibilities successfully.

  • I had prepared the budget to estimate the project costs and I was responsible for documenting the financial statements.
  • During my tenure, I had given training, technical support and guidance to 20 trainees and an equal number of junior engineers.
  • I had maintained the automation systems regarding hardware and software and ensured maximum utility.
  • I was thorough with the instruction manual and provided clear instructions to the real users.
  • I was in charge of placing all the documents and records in the respective storing units under safety conditions.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a M.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a University in Boston.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the same University in Boston.


I shall disclose the references at the time of interview.

When you are trying for the post of an automation engineer, it is necessary to prepare a certified automation engineer resume, which has to be eye catching and attractive. This is the expectation of most of the employers about resumes. They expect the resume to be easily readable and should not be boredom. You have to use separate resumes for various posts and it is more important that you have to update your resume.

The importance of certified automation resume is that you should avoid giving false information in with your resume and this is because you will cut a sorry figure before the interview panel, if the interviewer digs more about you, if at all you are called for. The details of certified automation engineer resume should contain only the true information about your skills, accomplishments, qualifications and experience.

You are giving many details in your resume and ensure that they find a place in the resume for justified reasons. Whatever details are found in the resume, they have to be arranged in an orderly and logical manner. That is, the most significant information should find a place at the top and others are to be arranged in descending order of merit and importance.

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