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CISCO VoIP Engineer Resume

CISCO VoIP engineer resume must be interesting, precise, and creative, such that it suits the mentioned or requested job responsibilities. Prior to drafting your resume application, it is important to go through your basic and special skill-sets, and your area of expertise. Try to provide relevant information to your hiring manager that mainly comprises of your work experience, educational qualifications, and major achievements. These highlighted information, can assist your resume in getting selected for an interview.

CISCO Engineers should possess special skills and abilities in order to handle the specified internal and external assignments. Such experienced candidates are mainly responsible for planning, looking after other activities, maintaining the operational requirements, and skillfully implementing VoIP consulting engagements. In this way, they are primarily focused on handling, and supporting the VoIP installations, and inspecting the overall security, and routing procedures of the networking services.

Applicants who are competent to handle these job duties should draft an impressive application that assists you in getting selected for this position. Follow this perfect sample, and prepare your own resume for the position of CISCO VoIP engineer.

Grace J. Jones
4345 County Line Road,
85th Blvd,
St Petersburg, FL - 33701
Contact no.: (727) 827-0958

Career Objective:

Aspire to acquire a strong job position as a CISCO VoIP Engineer, where I can skillfully utilize my past experiences in the new working environment, in order to achieve the company goals and objectives. Wish to gain more experience from this professional surrounding.

Career Summary:

Responsibly qualified enough to handle CISCO unified communicational channels, look after the necessary installation procedures, etc.; six years of complete experience in this particular field. Rewarded for conducting special programs for designing and associated configuration protocols.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Course: M.S(Master of Science) Strategic Planning & Management
    Year: August, 2007 - July, 2009
    Institute: Cardinal Stritch University, Wisconsin, WI

  • Course: B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Computer Science
    Year: August, 2003 - June, 2007
    Institute: Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wisconsin, WI

  • Mount Mary State High School, St Petersburg, FL

Professional Skills:

  • Skilled in handling the important networking association, and associated solution channels
  • In-depth knowledge regarding CISCO voice over IP solution systems
  • Competent and capable of working on various necessary platforms like Windows XP, Linux, UNIX, MS DOS, etc.
  • Expert and qualified to handle various kinds of Microsoft Suite Applications
  • Proficient in dealing with the special, and basic LAN and WAN administration, and associated SIP voice gateways
  • Sound knowledge and understanding regarding UNITY voicemail services, CISCO IP telephony, etc.

Personal Skills:

  • Complete ability to think reasonably and work logically
  • Outstanding communicational and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Strong skills regarding project planning and their associated documentation procedures
  • Exceptional work ethics, responsible and dedicated towards the highly competitive field
  • Proficient in maintaining better communication, and healthy professional relationship with clients
  • Capable of handling complex problems, finding reasonable and fixed solutions, and resolving conflicts

Work Experience:

Current Employer: CISCO Communications Incorporation, San Francisco, CA (2010 - till date)
Designation: CISCO VoIP Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Responsibly worked with CISCO team associates in handling the training modules, support administration, and technical sales staff
  • Communicated with various clients or customers regarding communicational sales, innovative or novel designs, and support opportunities
  • Inspected the overall work of the staff members, and responsibly looked after the staging, configuring, and installation work
  • Interfaced with the technical, and management team members for building comprehensive, and successful communicational business plans, and associated units
  • Coordinated with other clients regarding their basic needs or requirements from the systems and services

Previous Employer: Suselite Technical Services Pvt. Ltd., New Jersey, NJ (2009-2010)
Designation: Assistant VoIP Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Assisted the technical staff members and administrative associates in looking after the company's sales and associated technical contacts
  • Assessed the complete business unit performance, and provided technical advise and support for optimal performance
  • Analyzed the overall working of network support that comprised of security, routing, wireless switching, and others
  • Assisted the technical VoIP experts and other senior engineers in performing other technical duties, and installation procedures
  • Participated in handling the annual budget evaluations and presentations, maintaining the future planning activities, etc.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Rewarded for handling the complete designing, testing, and implementation of ACD solution
  • Appreciated for working on complex LAN and WAN administration, IP based real time communications, etc.
  • Complimented for handling wide range of technologies, unified communicational channels, ACD systems, etc.
  • Awarded for maintaining the enforced departmental standards, simplicity in critical systems, looking after the vendor requirements, etc., in Suselite Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Remarked positively for recommending different kinds of important modifications in the server surrounding, handling the important business needs, and associated requirements, etc.


Miley Dans - Communicational Manager
Arias & Sons Communicational Incorporation

George Mallard - Administrative Assistant
Avaya & Wade Technological Services Pvt. Ltd.

Ziva Donald - Technical Manager
General Dynamics Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Virginia and Kentucky.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Grace J. Jones

In order to professionally grow in this competitive global market, you have to build an impressive resume application. A skillfully drafted application can surely assist you in grabbing the attention of your employer, and compelling them to select you for an interview. Focus on your key competencies, while preparing your impressive resume application, as this can help you in achieving your desired goals and objectives.

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