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CAD Engineer Resume

CAD engineer resume is written for the purpose of getting a job in manufacturing and engineering posts where the role of the person entails visualizing and conceptualizing the design of the entire structure (machine or building). Such a person needs to be an expert with respect to operating CAD program; he should necessarily be an expert in all the CAD tools and features. To apply for such a job, it is necessary that he be proficient in the latest version of this program. CAD is primarily used for designing the blue print of all the machines and their parts, including the circuit boards and connections.

The resume of such a person will include details regarding his number of years of experience in CAD and related work, the important work done by him in this industry so far, all his relevant skills, and his educational qualifications. There is a sequential flow to this resume which includes dividing it into various sections. The details concerning these sections are as follows:

  • Objective Statement - This is the opening of any resume, and so it has to be a sharp and crisp statement of purpose. It should ideally be a single sentence statement.
  • Work summary - This is a short account of your work, which primarily is a basic insight into your experience.
  • Skill - This section encapsulates, with the help of bullet points, the major skills that you possess which are relevant to the kind of job at hand. Don't populate the list with everything that you can include, rather put only the relevant and important points to this and every subsequent section.
  • Work experience - This section includes the company name, number of years put in there and your post, along with the major work that you did there. This gives the reader a detailed insight into your work and responsibilities. This has to be written in a reverse chronological order, starting from the recent job appointment and then moving back.
  • Educational qualification - In this section, you should include your education details in a reverse chronological order, starting from the most recent one, like a diploma or a master's course, and then going back to the high school.
  • Achievements - Mention a few of your professional qualifications here.
  • Reference - Here, you can give th name and contact details of a person who has recommended you for this new job.

Following is a resume sample for your reference.

CAD Engineer Resume Sample

Fredrick Johnson
31st North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To secure the position of senior CAD design engineer with a leading company and employ my skills and rich experience for coming up with richly detailed and meticulously planned technical designs for machines and their subparts.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich experience of working around technical structures and parts.
  • Have a CAD diploma from the Institute of Technology, Miami.
  • Good experience in designing the in and out layering for mobile phones, TV sets and iPad.
  • Worked for well-known companies like Erox International and H.P. Tech.

Skills Summary

  • Skilled in the latest version of CAD and CAGD (for geometrical designs)
  • Thorough analysis capability of the ergonomics and utility of design
  • Good communication skill for addressing the members of the team during meetings. Excellent writing skills also.
  • Incredible analytical skills for researching, analyzing and executing designs and layouts
  • Good computer skills and ability to use internet optimally.
  • Ability to perform even under heavy work pressure; stress on quality.
  • Good at mainline assembly procedures, including repairing machinery too.
  • Good inspecting skills to test the machines thoroughly before approving them for production.
  • Initiative taking ability to lead the team towards achieving company goals.

Work Experience

Erox International
AutoCAD Engineer (2008-Present)

  • Worked on AutoCAD's latest version and designed models with it.
  • Reviewed the designs made by the team and made suitable alterations to it.
  • Ensured optimal performance enabling designs for TV sets, iPads, etc.
  • Checked the design plans made by the subordinates for accuracy, right calculations, and good ergonomics.
  • Carried out brain storming session for newer and better design ideas and implementation plans.
  • Encouraged the new and young minds to contribute towards the successful running of the project.

H.P. Tech.
CAD Engineer (2005-2008)

  • Used my knowledge and skills to come up with impressive designs for our new range of electronics in mobile section
  • Used the help of the team members to incorporate the digital design into a working model and presented it to the commissioning board for their testing and approval.
  • Trained the new employees in our department and took them through the entire working process of the department, also answered their queries whenever one arose.
  • Assisted the HR department in filtering job applications and calling the right candidates for interviews.


  • Diploma course in CAD designing, Institute of CAD Technology, New Orleans, 2004
  • Did M. Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Stanford University, 2003
  • Completed bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, University of Stanford, 2001
  • Froster Bale High School, 1998


In bullet point format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.

This is how a CAD engineer resume is written. Observe how the above resume has been divided into various sections. These are adding clarity to the entire flow of it, thus making it easier to find and comprehend the information. Apart from this, there are certain tips that must be kept in mid while writing a resume- you must at all times, proofread your resume at least twice before sending it to the recruiter for his reference. This helps in eliminating any errors in the entire draft; one must keep the length of the resume short (restricted to two pages at max) because a lengthier resume will take a lot of time and the recruiter usually don't have so much time to spare on just one resume as he has got a number of other resumes to go through; last but not the least, include your full name along with the complete address and contact details so that the recruiter can contact you in case he needs to. You can add your telephone number and email id for this purpose. These details must be included in the beginning of the resume.

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