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Building Maintenance Engineer Resume

Construction procedures and processes involve use of various equipment and machineries. All these should function uninterruptedly to ensure accurate and timely completion of the construction project. Thus, a Building Maintenance Engineer is a part of every construction project. As the name suggests, this engineer is responsible for maintaining the tools and equipment used in the construction process of the buildings. This profile does not necessarily require an experienced candidate. A fresher can also work in this profile. However, the job would require the engineer to travel to the site, to take corrective and preventive maintenance actions. Thus, this person should be prepared for field travel and work. The sample building maintenance engineer resume given below will help one understand the ideal format of a resume for the said post, the information to be included in the same, and job role to a great extent. At times, a Civil Engineer, who is responsible for the maintenance of the construction equipment or machinery is termed as a Maintenance Engineer; however, the same comes under the purview of a Building Engineer or a Civil Engineer, and thus, we would consider the mechanical equipment maintenance engineer in the sample resume provided herewith.

Building Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample

Harry .C. Brown
3772 South Street
Alexandria, VA 20204
Ph: 55 42500 121

Career Objective:

Highly enthusiastic, self-motivated, and highly-skilled Maintenance Engineer, looking for senior positions or projects, wherein not only my core maintenance skills, but also my other skills like organization skills, management skills, etc., can be put to use.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 3 years, am currently employed with JJ Developers, Alexandria, known for its modern construction designs and world class amenities. I am responsible for on-site maintenance of equipment and machineries, such that the construction goes on uninterruptedly. Am responsible for planning preventive maintenance schedule to avoid any in-process breakdowns.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good at troubleshooting
  • Good knowledge of all the spares and other tools and fixtures used in the maintenance of machines
  • Good planning and management skills
  • Good coordination skills, good at working in team, and good at following instructions
  • Good at quality control, operation control, time management, etc., to ensure uninterrupted construction process

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - JJ Developers, Alexandria
Designation: Build Maintenance Engineer
(2008- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for planning and executing preventive maintenance
  • Responsible for fixing any problem in the equipment and machinery used in the construction procedures
  • Responsible for purchase of the required tools and fixtures, lubricants, spares, etc., as and when needed
  • Reporting to the Building Engineer
  • Ensure that all the machinery and equipment to be used in construction are functioning correctly before the on-site work starts
  • List down the equipment needed on-site to avoid any eleventh hour panic for the same

JJ Developers, Alexandria
Designation: Intern


  • Assisted Building Maintenance Engineer
  • Assisted in maintenance activities of the machinery and equipment
  • Responsible for lubrication, checking, and cleaning of all the machinery and equipment
  • Placing back the tools and fixtures used for completing maintenance work, and updating the Daily Work Sheet, at the end of the day


  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alexandria - 2008

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in computer operations
  • Expertise in using AutoCAD

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • State-level Badminton Player


Willing to work anywhere throughout Virginia


Available on request

Harry .C. Brown

The sample building maintenance engineer resume given above, helps us understand the role of a Building Maintenance Engineer. As mentioned in the introduction, this profile is usually confused with someone who is responsible for constructional structure maintenance of the building. However, here we have discussed about the person, who accompanies the construction team on-site, and is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and machineries used in construction. The two are thus, different. The former activity comes under the role of a Civil Engineer, and the latter under the Mechanical Engineer. Understand the job profile thoroughly before applying for the same, and draft your resume accordingly. The sample resume given above serves as a ready template, which can be used and altered as per requirement.

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