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Boiler Engineer Resume

Manufacturing plants have different types of heaters/boilers and ventilating systems, which need to be maintained and operated effectively to assure uninterrupted production. The construction, design, and maintenance of a boiler is the responsibility of a Boiler Engineer. Usually operators are responsible only for operating boilers, turbines, fans, etc. However, the core engineering of the same is outside their purview, and specialized engineers work on it. A Boiler Engineer can work on the designing of the boilers, their installation, processing, maintenance, etc. With the expanding infrastructure, boilers can be seen in huge malls, buildings, etc., besides the manufacturing facilities. They are also known as Stationary Engineers, and in some situations the job title is interchanged with Boiler Operators. The sample boiler engineer resume given below will help us understand the job profile further. However, before that let us know a little more about how one can enter this field, qualification for the same, etc.

Usually, to work as a Boiler Engineer, in a manufacturing unit, building or plant, wherein the person is responsible only for regular maintenance, operating, etc., the person does not require specific qualification. Anyone who has completed his/her High School Diploma can work at the entry level, and later on work at senior positions. Only the one's who work on designing these boilers need specific mechanical engineering qualification. International Unit of Operating Engineers provides an apprenticeship course, which extends over a period of four years and involves 6000 hours of rigorous training.

Some states make licenses and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification compulsory for the candidates willing to work in this profile. Acquiring higher licenses, after gaining considerable experience will help in moving up to higher positions or working on more complicated and different types of equipment. Higher licenses enable them to work at higher positions like Boiler Inspectors, Chief Boiler Engineer, etc.

For more on the same read the sample boiler engineer resume written with reference to an experienced candidate given below.

Sample Boiler Engineer Resume

Jackie .J. Blythe
1190 Cherry Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Ph: 904-348-6021

Career Objective:

Well-experienced, licensed, highly enthusiastic, and willing to learn and excel regularly at work, and move on to operation and maintenance of more complicated and larger units, equipment, etc.

Career Summary:

With a total experience of 2.5 years, am currently working with PX Plastic Manufacturers, Jacksonville, FL. Have worked as a Helper, in the initial stages, and gained thorough expertise and experience to work at the position of a Boiler Engineer at present.

Career Summary:

Current Employer - PX Plastic Manufacturers Ltd.
Designation: Boiler Engineer
(2010 - till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for operating the boilers
  • Responsible for observing, noting, and interpreting readings on gauges, meters, etc., and ensure proper functioning of the boilers
  • Ensure regular maintenance of the equipment
  • Responsible for maintaining daily logs of maintenance, operations, test results, instrument readings, repairs, etc., and assure that everything is as per the specifications set, to ensure effective functioning of the equipment
  • Arrange for complete overhauls, fabrication of parts, replacement of defective parts or spares, etc.
  • Responsible for adjusting the vales to lower or higher the temperature of the equipment
  • Responsible for maintaining the fuel and boiler water levels and, refill the same regularly
  • Responsible for testing electrical systems using equipment like voltmeter, etc.
  • Supervise the Assistant Engineers, and delegate ground level responsibilities pertaining to operation and maintenance of boilers

Previous Employers:

JYK Manufacturers, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Assistant Boiler Engineer/ Helper

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Boiler Engineer in operation and maintenance of the boiler
  • Work in rotational shifts
  • Responsible for switching on and turning off the boilers as and when needed
  • Responsible for cleaning and lubricating of boiler spares, parts, etc.
  • Assist the Boiler Engineer in determining the defects in the equipment
  • Learn the testing of the electrical systems
  • Responsible for igniting fuel burners
  • Record the fuel used and report the same regularly
  • Responsible for installation of auxiliary equipment and burner


High School Diploma - 2009

Licenses & Certifications:

Licensed to work in Florida and New York


Looking for suitable opportunities in Florida and New York


Available on request


Jackie .J. Blythe

The sample boiler engineer resume and the introduction preceding it gives clear idea of the career path, scope and requirements for one to work as a Boiler Engineer. A specific degree is not a criterion, but experience and licenses gained over the time helps an individual to move at higher positions. Every state has its own license issuing and renewal regulations, and to work in a particular state, one must procure the license of the same. For the ones who are already in this field or wish to enter the same, the sample resume given above will prove helpful in drafting their resume. Draft a resume that portrays you effectively, and helps you get a good job.
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