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Boeing Mechanical Engineer Resume

Each one of us when pursue a degree course, or enter a vocation, have a dream company in our mind. O&M for advertising, Wal Mart for retail, etc; similarly it is Boeing for engineering. Boeing is the heart of space and aerospace engineering, and getting into this organization is not a joke. Every employee at Boeing possesses certain skill set, expertise, etc., that differentiates him/her from many other aspiring candidates. The roles and responsibilities of a Mechanical, Industrial or Aerospace Engineer remains the same, but the scope of activities, the level of expertise, standards, and complications increase at Boeing. This is one main reason that aspiring engineers search for Boeing mechanical engineer resume sample, and wish to understand the job responsibilities at Boeing. The sample resumes written with reference to employees working at Boeing will help one understand the level of expertise needed to be a part of this organization, and the scope of responsibilities at Boeing. To help you understand the same, we have shared a sample resume herewith, assuming the candidate to be an employee of Boeing.

Boeing Mechanical Engineer Resume

Jason. A. Blakeley
1337 Little Street
Youngstown, OH 44512
Ph: 320-967-3235


Being a part of Boeing, I have achieved the goal of getting into the best organization pertaining to engineering. While at Boeing I wish, to excel and upgrade myself continuously, gain thorough expertise, and prove my capabilities at every step, to move up the professional hierarchy.


Currently working at the position of Jr. Mechanical Engineer, with Boeing UK, and possess a total work experience of 3 years. Joined Boeing as a Trainee Engineer, and was later taken on board on permanent basis.


  • Thorough expertise in mechanical engineering concepts and applications
  • Good analytical skills and mechanical bend of mind
  • Fast learner, team player, and good listener
  • Like to take initiatives and self-motivated
  • Good coordination, communication, management, and intuitive skills
  • Expertise in using CAD, Flash, and other presentation tools to explain concepts and designs effectively


Current Employer - Boeing, UK (2010- till date)
Designation: Jr. Mechanical Engineer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist in product conception and design
  • Use CAD to simulate the product designs or models
  • Study the requirements of the client, product specifications put forth by the client, etc., and work on the conception of the same
  • Responsible for mechanical engineering and maintenance of equipment and machinery used in the same
  • Assist in product development and research
  • Gain expertise in using and adapting to the tools and processes of Boeing
  • Monitor the manufacturing of new products as per the product schedule and devise process engineering techniques to increase the effectiveness of the same
  • Assist on development of Boeing mechanical systems

Previous Employers:

A] Boeing, UK (2009-2010)
Designation: Trainee Engineer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Learn the processes and engineering practices followed at Boeing
  • Assist in mechanical systems development and design
  • Monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of resources
  • Assist on conception and design

B] Amadeus International Ltd. (2008-2009)
Designation: Associate Engineer
Role and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Sr. Engineer
  • Follow the instructions of the Sr. Engineer
  • Assist in maintenance, repairing, purchase, and production
  • Assist in conception, design, testing, and manufacturing


  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, Keplar University - 2008
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, Keplar University - 2006


  • Participated in Engineering Expos and Tech Fest


  • Expertise in CAD, FLASH, UML, XML, Data Flow, Data Management, etc.


Relocation not an issue for suitable opportunities


Provided on request


Jason .A. Blakeley

The sample Boeing mechanical engineer resume sample given above helps in understanding the role and expertise of an engineer working with Boeing. When Boeing picks up a candidate, it is sure that the candidate possesses certain skill set, potential, and expertise that make him/her capable of working with Boeing. Thus, the role of this individual remains the same, but here there is a greater emphasis put on the brand 'Boeing' attached to one's name that differentiates him/her from others. The career objective in this resume focuses on internal growth because Boeing is one of the best engineering companies. Others using this resume sample, can change the career objective as per one's ambitions and requirement. The sample resume given above thus, can be used as a resume template or can be referred to for drafting a resume by any Mechanical Engineer.

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