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Boeing Industrial Engineer Resume

Effective and efficient use of resources used in production is necessary to increase the productivity and profit of the organization. Some factors of production and engineering processes are outside the purview of management. These engineering and manufacturing issues thus, need to be catered effectively, and an Industrial Engineer is responsible for the same. An Industrial Engineer works towards determining methods and processes that ensure utmost efficiency of men, material, capital, etc., involved in production. They aim towards increasing the productivity of the organization by effective management and utilization of resources, practices and methodologies, etc. They help in solving the issues in production, check deviations, check for wastage of resources, etc., by studying the processes and plans, and apply their engineering techniques to rectify the same. Thus, they make use of engineering techniques and methodologies for overall improved performance of an organization. To learn more about the same, read the sample Boeing industrial engineer resume given below. This resume is written with reference to an Industrial Engineer working with Boeing, one of the biggest engineering companies of world.

Boeing Industrial Engineer Resume Sample

Steven .M. Gardener
1150 White Hawk Road
Roanoke, TX 76262
Ph: 817-837-8813

Career Objective:

Having proved my expertise and potential, am currently employed with Boeing, and am striving hard to prove my excellence at every step such that I get to move up the professional hierarchy in Boeing

Career Summary:

Currently employed with Boeing, as an Assistant Industrial Engineer, and am responsible for examining and determining processes and procedures that help in improving the productivity of the organization, and ensures utmost utilization of men and material involved in production.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with industrial efficiency requirement and resource planning
  • Acquainted with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to keep a check of men and material used in production
  • Good analytical and management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Expertise in dealing with critical issues that hamper productivity, and resort to troubleshooting of the same
  • Good coordination skills that help in understanding the requirements of different departments and effects of every department on the final output
  • Thorough with the engineering practices at Boeing

Career Synopsis:

Current Employer - Boeing, US
Designation: Assistant Industrial Engineer
(2009-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for production site inspection and thoroughly analyzing the production processes
  • Check the flaws and obstacles in production processes
  • Study the current production processes, utilization of resources, productivity, etc., and devise strategies to improve the same
  • Make sure that accurate safety measures are followed in the production units
  • Make sure that the Boeing engineering practices and methodologies are followed effectively
  • Study the layout of equipment, movement of men and machinery, etc., on the floor, and make changes in the same, if required
  • Communicate and coordinate with different departments to understand the requirements of the output, specifications, budget, deadlines, etc.
  • Responsible for monitoring work schedules, resource allocation, etc.
  • Work in close coordination with the managers

Previous Employers:

Wiz Sharp Engineering
Designation: Jr. Industrial Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Sr. Engineers in studying and analyzing the production processes
  • Assist in examining the processes and engineering methodologies
  • Responsible for suggesting optional procedures and plans to help improve productivity
  • Responsible for implementing safety measures, JIT, Kaizen, etc., to improve productivity
  • Responsible for keeping a record of planned versus actual functioning


  • Bachelors of Industrial Engineering -2007
  • Diploma in Project Management - 2006
  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management - 2006
  • Diploma in Operations Management - 2005

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in sports, debate, and cultural events


Willing to relocate to Australia or Italy


Available on request

Steven .M. Gardener

The sample boeing industrial engineer resume given above helps in understanding the role of an Industrial Engineer in Boeing. The job profile remains the same, but the way the operations are carried out, the level of expertise involved in the same, and skill sets required to be a part of Boeing are different from any other normal organization. To be a part of Boeing one not only has to be good at his work, but be exceptionally good to assure the employer that he/she is worth being a part of such a brand name. The resume thus, serves as an outline or template for any Industrial Engineer willing to draft a resume to apply for the said position.

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