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Boeing Aerospace Engineer Resume

Boeing is a brand name in aerospace and space engineering. The engineering techniques, methodologies, and practices of Boeing are the best, and assure of delivering the best to the client. Its engineering practices and innovations are hard to match, and the quality delivered is its USP. Thus, many aspiring engineers dream of being a part of this renowned organization. Many aspiring engineers surf the web for career opportunities at Boeing and to make their resumes more effective, they search for sample boeing aerospace engineer resume or boeing engineer resumes, to understand what skills and information one must put forth in his/her resume to clear the resume screening round of Boeing. To help you with the same, we will discuss in brief about aerospace engineering and read a sample resume, which will give a better idea of the job responsibilities of an aerospace engineer.

What is aerospace engineering?
Aerospace Engineers, as the name suggests, are responsible for engineering and production of aircrafts and space shuttles. They oversee the design, production, maintenance, etc., of the same. They further do a niche study in designing, maintenance or production of helicopters, rockets, passenger aircrafts, etc. Thus, their scope of work comprises of aeronautical engineering.

Boeing Aerospace Engineer Resume Sample

Rickie .J. Richie
1162 Cherry Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Ph: 804-438-0010

Career Objective:

Experienced, skilled, and highly enthusiastic individual, willing to accept new challenges at work, and achieve greater heights by proving my excellence and expertise at every step. Two years down the line, I see myself at the post of a Sr. Aerospace Engineer, Boeing US.

Career Summary:

Currently working with Boeing at the position of Jr. Aerospace Engineer, and am responsible for coordinating and assisting Sr. Engineers. Have gained thorough expertise in basic production and design functions pertaining to aeronautical engineering, and am working hard to gain thorough expertise in design and conception.

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptionally good technical and mechanical understanding
  • Expertise in using various design software
  • Good at understanding the expectations and specifications of a project, and planning the work accordingly
  • Exceptionally good at analytical and mathematical reasoning

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - Boeing, US
Designation: Jr. Aerospace Engineer
(2010-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Engineer
  • Responsible for overseeing and accomplishing production activities
  • Responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery
  • Responsible for drafting technical documents, reports, manuals, etc., that put forth the current work scenario and serve as a ready reference for others in the production line
  • Understand engineering techniques, procedures, and practices of Boeing
  • Responsible for monitoring the engineering procedures and processes involved in production
  • Accomplish the daily production goals, assist in quality testing, and update the work log regularly
  • Responsible for making basic arrangements like jotting down and collating all details pertaining to new product development, its designs, specifications, etc., and documenting the same so that the seniors can work on it further
  • Responsible for implementing and monitoring the safety measures on the floor

Previous Employers:

Jacksonville Manufacturers, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Associate Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Jr. Engineer in accomplishing the daily tasks
  • Assist in maintaining the equipment, machinery, and floor discipline
  • Assist in making a work schedule for production workers
  • Assist in preparing for production by checking the dies and molds, checking the functioning of the machine, making a few samples, and checking the output of the machine, etc.
  • Assist in project schedule planning
  • Assist in conception and design
  • Responsible for assuring timely completion of work
  • Responsible for keeping a check of completed production, resources used, etc.
  • Assist in inventory planning, buying raw material, negotiating with vendors, etc.


  • MS in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Edinburgh - 2008
  • Bachelors of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Edinburgh - 2006
  • Diploma in Project Management - 2007

Areas of Interest:

Looking for suitable opportunities in Research, Conception and Design Development


Available on request

Rickie .J. Richie

The sample boeing aerospace engineer given above gives a brief idea of the skills, responsibilities, and role of an engineer working with Boeing. The job role remains the same, but level of expertise and complications associated with it is much higher. Anything that is below the par of excellence is not acceptable at Boeing, thus excellence is a must. Thus, an engineer aspiring to be a part of Boeing should make sure that his/her resume portrays this excellence and expertise effectively. A well-written resume will help a great deal in getting an opportunity to attend the interviews at Boeing. The resume, if impressive, will clear the resume screening round, and give you a chance to enter the interview rounds of Boeing, and put forth your best.

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