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Biomedical Service Engineer Resume

Biomedical service engineer resume must be clear, precise, and creative in order to make the reader think about selecting you for an interview. Therefore, to help you and guide with useful information, you are presented with an exceptional resume sample that can easily highlight your potentials. With proper, and useful information, you can skillfully present your application that would make them think to consider you for the applied job position.

Engineering is a vast and wide-spread domain, and biomedical engineering is one of the part of this field. Basically, this application-based field is mainly associated to the medical division, and therefore, engineers should have the understanding and knowledge to handle the overall maintenance work, look after the servicing and associated repairing work. This is quite a typical job profile, and so engineers have to look after the internal and external assignments or duties that include inspecting any kind of malfunction, maintaining the proper working of equipment, repairing the biomedical instruments, etc.

However, in this competitive professional world, you should be prepared with an impressive resume application, as this can assist you in getting interviewed for the available position. Perfectly present your exceptional feature that compels your interviewer to select you for the applied post of a biomedical service engineer.

Heidi A. Deleon
2472 Chicago Avenue,
26th Blvd,
Fresno, CA - 93721
Contact no.: (559) 616-6687

Career Objective:

Aspire to acquire a job position as a biomedical service engineer in a well-reputed medical institution, where my exceptional skills and abilities would be challenged to a certain extent. Wish to apply my knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

Career Summary:

Skilled and expert in handling the medical equipment systems, and associated customer services; eight years of complete experience in this biomedical engineering field. Awarded for making exceptional research in this particular engineering process.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Course: M.S(Master of Science) Biomedical Service Engineering
    Year: August, 2007 - July, 2009
    Institute: National College of Natural Medicine, Oregon, OR

  • Course: B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
    Year: August, 2003 - June, 2007
    Institute: Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon, OR

  • Pacific State High School, Fresno, CA

Professional Skills:

  • Complete understanding regarding medical terminology and associated service procedures
  • Skilled in handling the biomedical complex practices, and regulatory principles
  • Familiar in resolving certain kind of complex troubleshoot, and other biomedical complexities
  • Qualified and well-expert in handling various Microsoft software, like MS Power point, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
  • Proficient in handling the overall medical installation, operational functions, maintenance of medical instruments, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge regarding assistance in clinical trials, and proper servicing of medical products

Personal Skills:

  • Intelligent, and creative enough to handle any kind of assignments
  • Possess exceptional communicational, and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Dedicated, motivating, and responsible employee to motivate other staff members
  • Competent in resolving the customer problems and handling work independently
  • Proficient in training the newly appointed staff members systematically and efficiently
  • Capable of maintaining better and healthy relationship with other staff members

Work Experience:

Current Employer: RNC Biomedical Group Incorporation, Ohio, OH (2010 - till date)
Designation: Biomedical Service Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Looked after the overall installation of biomedical instruments, and provided regular maintenance in order to maintain their proper functioning
  • Handled the task of planning and executing important presentation for domestic and international clients
  • Inspected the proper functioning of medical equipment through proper and regular servicing and maintenance of the electronic systems
  • Communicated with various clients and resolved their issues and other associated technical problems

Previous Employer: General Dynamics Corporation, New Jersey, NJ (2009-2010)
Designation: Junior Biomedical Service Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Maintained the overall inventory setting work, looked after the regular product services, handled the calibration work, etc.
  • Installed the complex biomedical equipment, maintained proper records regarding various procedures handled and assigned
  • Assisted in conducting research, discuss about assessing, and exploring the potential wider biomedical market, help international health professional and experts, etc.
  • Discussed with other health experts, and medical professionals with manufacturing problems, quality products, and associated marketing departments

Achievements and Awards:

  • Appreciated for arranging and handling clinical trials procedures, and other associated medical methodologies
  • Complimented for approaching other biomedical service centers, handling the quality, and manufacturing of the medical products, etc.
  • Rewarded for responsibly handling the installation of various biomedical instruments, providing proper service, and associated maintenance
  • Honored for skillfully handling the technical projects, dealing with major presentations of international business, etc., in General Dynamics Corporation
  • Rewarded for systematically looking after the inventory services, handling the maintenance work, gathering complete information from the clients or customers, etc., in RNC Biomedical Group Incorporation


Samuel Richardson
Royal Biomedical Services Incorporation

Michael Florence
Seattle Biomedical Corporation

Dominic Sanders
Mayo Biomedical Services Incorporation

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in New York and Connecticut.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Heidi A. Deleon

In here, you are offered with a free resume sample for a better job position. Systematically, organize your best credentials and major accomplishments, which can help you in diverting the very attention of your employer. However, a perfect resume application can assist you in achieving your professional goals and objectives.

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