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Biochemical Engineer Resume

Biochemical Engineers have a good scope. They can work in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, environment, waste treatment and recycling industries, etc. A Biochemical Engineer is responsible for management and design of processing and production plants, maintenance of the same, control the quality systems of the plant, work on measuring and temperature control instruments etc. Thus, these engineers are responsible for assuring uninterrupted production, troubleshooting, etc. The sample biochemical engineer resume given below will help understand the job role better. These engineers not just work on improving the engineering equipment, machinery or techniques involved in production, but handle the overall production right from overseeing production to troubleshooting and quality testing. Thus, these engineers later move on to be Project Managers, and they need to posses or develop effective management skills over the years.

Biochemical Engineer Resume Sample

Gerald .M. Tucker
1050 White Hawk Street
Roanoke, TX 76265
Ph: 817-837-8813

Career Objective:

Willing to be a part of an organization that encourages innovation and does not compromise with quality, safety, and environment, when it comes to production or innovation. Willing to use my engineering skills and techniques to help improve the production procedures, efficiency, and profitability of the organization.

Career Summary:

With a relevant experience of 4 years, am currently working with Spar Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and am responsible for overseeing the maintenance, production, and troubleshooting of the manufacturing unit of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with JIT, Kaizen, and safety measures to be followed in production
  • Thorough with the environment rules and regulations pertaining to biochemical engineering
  • Willing to take initiatives
  • Self motivated with a go getter attitude
  • Expertise in planning research and working toward materializing the same
  • Good communication, coordination, presentation, and analytical skills
  • Good at using various statistical and analytical tools used in research

Career Synopsis:

Current Employer - Spar Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Designation: Sr. Biochemical Engineer
(2009 - till)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for studying the chemical compositions of various medicines, testing the same for effectiveness etc.
  • Assist for research engineering of new medicines
  • Responsible for analyzing the various health problems, effects of right allopathic medicines on the same, side effects or reaction if any, etc., and noting down the critical issues that need to be worked on
  • Assist in testing and development of new medicines as per requirements
  • Make sure that the equipment used in manufacturing pertain to the specifications put forth by the government
  • Assist in full fledges production planning of medicines
  • Assist in quality testing of the end produce and troubleshooting
  • Assist in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization by being an active participant in management decisions and planning
  • Work in close coordination with team members and other departments

Previous Employers:

JMS Pharmacy Engineering
Designation: Jr. Biochemical Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Engineers and assist them in production and research planning
  • Assist in testing the effectiveness of the production techniques
  • Assist in analyzing and testing of end product to check the same for effectiveness
  • Assist in troubleshooting pertaining to production or research
  • Responsible for maintaining reports, records, analysis and review of the same, etc.


  • Pursuing MS in Biochemical Engineering, University of Kaplar (Distance learning program)
  • Bachelors of Biochemical Engineering, University of Kaplar - 2007

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in debate, cultural fest and sports


Willing to relocate to Asia or UK


Available on request

Gerald .M. Tucker

The sample biochemical engineering resume given above, helped us understand the job responsibilities of a biochemical Engineer. This resume is written with reference to a Biochemical Engineer working in pharmaceutical industry, and thus his job profile will differ from that of someone working with a food products manufacturer. However, the sample resume given above is perfect as per the professional resume format, and can be used to draft a resume for the said position. One can change the contents given under each section, add or exclude certain section, and make one's resume as precise and effective as it can get. Never copy a sample resume as it is. Try to make as unique as your capabilities and potential, to get the best for you. Draft your perfect resume, and get started now.

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