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Avionics Systems Engineer Resume

Avionics System Engineer caters to testing and operating of electronic systems used in aerospace engineering. They thus, work on aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts, etc. Avionic Engineers are responsible for testing, manufacturing, designing, and troubleshooting pertaining to aerospace engineering. Thus, the Avionics System Engineer is involved in every part of aerospace engineering, right from product conceptualizing to final product delivery. After certain years of experience and expertise in different segments of aerospace engineering, an individual can work at managerial levels and handle entire project independently. Thus, he/she should possess computer, technical, and engineering knowledge. To work at this position or draft a resume to apply for the same refer to the sample avionics systems engineer resume given below.

Avionics Systems Engineer Resume Sample

Gerald .P. Houston
2025 Streetwise Lane
Hartford, CT 06128
Ph: 808-000-3000

Career Objective:

With immense expertise and experience gained over the years, am capable of handling senior positions and handle projects independently. I am thus, looking for senior positions like Project Managers or alike, and assure to put forth my best in whatever I do.

Career Summary:

I possess a total work experience of 7 years, and have begun from ground roles and worked on manufacturing, moving up to designing, testing, and conceptualizing. With all these skills and expertise, I have worked on different projects and handled my responsibilities independently without any supervision or guidance. Have also trained junior engineers on manufacturing, testing, and designing.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with systems, development, design, conceptualizing, and testing
  • Thorough at drafting test manuals, production and design specification manuals, which serve as a ready reference for many others
  • Thorough with testing equipment and procedures, and various computer aided design tools
  • Thorough with the safety measures and regulations governing aircraft designing and manufacturing
  • Good analytical and logical reasoning
  • Thorough with project implementation and monitoring techniques
  • Well acquainted with regulatory guidelines of Federal Aviation Administration
  • Exceptionally good communication skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: ZEST Avionics Engineering, Hartford, CT
Designation: Avionics Systems Engineer
(2008-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for testing, manufacturing, and designing of avionics systems
  • Responsible for designing system designs, giving heed to specifications, and elaborating on the same in the manual
  • Responsible for drafting testing procedures and manuals
  • Assist the junior engineers to understand the designs and specifications and manufacture accordingly
  • Train the juniors in manufacturing, testing, and engineering of avionics systems
  • Draft reports pertaining to test results
  • Responsible for drafting test manual that help juniors to execute their work, draft test reports to facilitate working on the same, and explaining the reports to the concerned head

Previous Work Experiences:

Avionics Testing & Engineering
Designation: Associate Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the senior engineers in design and manufacturing
  • Assist in checking the systems for effectiveness and proper functioning
  • Assist in drafting manuals and reports
  • Assist in troubleshooting and rectifying flaws
  • Assist in brainstorming pertaining to design and innovation

JBS Aerospace Engineering Ltd.
Designation: Jr. Avionics Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

    Responsible for understanding the design and preparing for manufacturing activities Assist in drafting test reports after studying the analysis Work in coordination with team members in manufacturing and testing of avionics systems


  • MS in Aerospace Engineering, University of Hartford, CT - 2004
  • Bachelors of Avionics Engineering, University of Hartford CT - 2002

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in using analytical tools and other basic computer operations

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • State-level Table-Tennis Player
  • Active participation in engineering fest, quizzes, debates, etc.


Looking for suitable opportunities in Virginia, Connecticut, and Bristol


Available on request

Gerald .P. Houston

The sample avionics systems engineer resume given above will prove to be of great help to an aspiring candidate looking for suitable resume template or resume samples to draft his/her resume. The above given sample resume is a perfect professional resume, and one can change the information as required. One can also add or exclude some sections to customize the resume and make it more effective. Go ahead and draft a resume that successfully puts forth your potential.

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