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Assistant Recording Engineer Resume

Sound engineering, audio engineering or recording engineering, are all interchangeable titles for the field of sound recording and engineering. Sound engineering pertains to the engineering techniques and principles involved in recording and transmission of audio, used in movies, music industry, events, live performances, television channels, etc. Thus, a Recording or Sound Engineer has a huge scope. This field is deprived of monotony because an individual gets to work on new projects frequently. Recording is only one part of this huge engineering procedure. However, to begin with one has to gain expertise in recording, and can then move on to dubbing, mixing, sound effects, etc. To help you understand this field better, and the ground role responsibilities of the same, we have provided a sample assistant recording engineer resume herewith. This resume is written keeping in mind the profile of an Assistant Recording Engineer, who wills to move up to the next level. He/she will therefore, have to be thorough with the basics, and gradually develop the required skills. However, before that let us understand and know a little more about this profile.

Who is a recording or sound engineer?

A singer sings a song, actor delivers a dialog, and musicians play the background music; however, when we hear a song or a dialog there is much more to it than this basic voice or music. This something extra added to it is the job of a Recording or Sound Engineer. He/she adds the required special effects, mixes and dubs voices and music, and his mixing board is his/her best friend. In live performances, he/she is responsible for effective transmission of sound and is thoroughly responsible for the clarity of sound in live or recorded sessions. They usually work in teams and work on different projects.

The sample assistant recording engineer resume given below will help understand further.

Sample Assistant Recording Engineer Resume

Simone .S. Kevins
1302 Lake Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32410
Ph: 708-834-1524

Career Objective:

Highly ambitious, hardworking, and with an undoubted passion towards sound engineering, am looking forward to work on live projects and handle dubbing, mixing, and recording independently.

Career Summary:

With a relevant experience of 2.5 years and internship in the said field for almost 8 months, am thorough with all the responsibilities of a Recording Engineer, have gain some expertise in dubbing and mixing, and have worked on a few live recording and transmission events, under the guidance of seniors and in coordination with team members.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with recording techniques, equipment used in recording, etc.
  • Thorough with engineering practices and principles used in recording to deliver utmost sound quality
  • Worked on a few live recording projects
  • Possess good knowledge of mixing and dubbing of music
  • Good at preventive maintenance of equipment used in recording
  • Possess good music editing skills

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - Zeus Sound Studio, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Assistant Recording Engineer
(2009-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Sr. Recording Engineer
  • Responsible for recording audios and checking the same before sending it for incorporation in the video
  • Assist in mixing and dubbing of music, songs, dialogs, etc.
  • Assist in sound editing, adding special effects, checking sound clarity, etc.
  • Preparing the mixing board before the recording session begins, and make sure that all the equipment function effectively
  • Responsible for making the required adjustments and testing sound quality while recording is in process
  • Understand the requirements of the scene, video, etc., and plan on mixing and special effects of the music accordingly
  • Review the recordings after completion, an do a thorough analysis and review of the quality and special effects added to it

Jack Music Studio
Designation: Trainee Recording Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Sr. Engineer
  • Assist in recording, mixing, dubbing, etc.
  • Assist in making the required preparations for recording, sound effects, etc.
  • Assist in testing the quality of sound
  • Assist in maintaining the equipment of sound engineering
  • Assist in troubleshooting of issues interrupting with sound engineering
  • Assist in devising new sound effects
  • Assist in maintaining the mixing board used for sound mixing
  • Follow the previous works and analyze the sound effects, mixing, etc., and try to simulate the same


  • High School Diploma
  • Diploma course in Sound Engineering - 2008


Looking for suitable opportunities in Jacksonville, Portsmouth, Bristol, and Alexandria


Available on request

Simone .S. Kevins

The sample assistant recording engineer resume puts forth the candidate's qualifications, skills and expertise. The candidate effectively puts forth her advanced skills pertaining to sound engineering, which will help her work at higher positions and take up more complicated job roles and responsibilities. For example, she is a recording engineer, but she has mentioned about her work on live projects, assistance in mixing, dubbing, and adding sound effects to the music, etc., which can help her get a senior position. The sample resume given above is written as per the format of a professional resume, and is thus a ready reference for anyone willing to draft a resume for the said post.

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