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Asset Maintenance Engineer Resume

An organization has many assets such as machines, equipment, etc. Even the production floor is an asset which has to be maintained effectively to ensure uninterrupted production and increase the efficiency of the floor. To make sure that all its assets are maintained and functioning effectively, an organization appoints an asset maintenance engineer. This person is responsible for the overall maintenance of machinery and equipment and providing assistance to maintenance engineers in carrying out their duties and the floor supervisor in maintaining the floor activities. Thus, he has a generalized role to play for helping in the overall maintenance and production procedures. To understand more about this job profile and for the ones who wish to apply for this job, we have provided a sample of asset maintenance engineer resume below. The sample will give a thorough idea on how to draft a perfect resume that will help in putting forth your best.

Xavier S. Paul
1001 Cherry Lane Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32401
Phone: 875-456-0012

Career Objective:

Highly experienced and thorough with industrial engineering and maintenance engineering. Looking for suitable opportunities wherein my scope of work widens and I get to face new challenges and opportunities at work.

Career Summary:

With a total experience of 8 years in asset maintenance, I am thorough with all the activities and functions involved in the same, right from the ground level to a higher level involving higher supervision and control activities. I am capable of handling the maintenance activities of any small or large organization independently and working towards increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in supervision and applying industrial engineering principles and techniques
  • Ability to independently handle different issues, troubleshoot for the same, and work towards getting things back to normal
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Ability to handle any issues pertaining to environment and safety regulations
  • Thorough with the maintenance and engineering requirements of the industry
  • Good at managing the activities of the production floor to ensure efficiency and minimal wastage of resources

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - CapeStone Manufacturers
Designation: Asset Maintenance Engineer
(2010-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Looking after the effective maintenance and supervision of the plant
  • Overseeing the maintenance of machinery used in the plant
  • Keeping a record of all inventories, resources, production schedules, maintenance schedules, etc.
  • Devising maintenance schedules and making sure that the machines are checked and ready for use before the production initiates
  • Assisting the production supervisors, maintenance engineers, project managers, etc., in troubleshooting and effective functioning procedures
  • Providing the required technical support and guidance to new maintenance or production staff
  • Managing the floor layout and minimizing the wastage of time and resources
  • Assisting in planning schedules, work procedures, purchase of raw materials, and equipment, testing production samples, and analyzing the purchase requirements put forth by different departments
  • Overseeing the safety measures implemented in the plant, implementing new procedures, updating the inventory, and making reports
  • Providing complete assistance to project and plant managers

Previous Employers

Caparo Manufacturing Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Asset Maintenance Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the plant head
  • Assist the plant supervisor and project manager in planning and devising work schedules
  • Handle the maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Follow the preventive maintenance schedule to make sure that there is no machine breakdown to avoid interruptions in the production
  • Handle the testing and checking of the functioning of equipment and lubrication and fabrication procedures
Lexus Manufacturing Ltd.
Designation: Jr. Asset Maintenance Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Follow the maintenance schedule and work accordingly
  • Assist in troubleshooting, finding faults, and repairing the same
  • Assist in effective floor management
  • Assist in maintaining discipline and safety on the production floor
  • Assist production and maintenance planning


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.ME.), St. Bishop's University, Florida - 2006
  • Pursuing Distance Learning Course in Project Management


Looking for suitable opportunities in Virginia and Florida.


Available on request

Xavier S. Paul

The asset maintenance engineer resume sample given above helps in understanding the roles and responsibilities of the job profile. It helps in understanding the method of drafting a perfect resume in a format that helps one to draft a resume to explain and present his candidature to the employer.

A person working at this position should possess excellent coordination and communication skills such that he facilitates the effective functioning of all departments. He should possess thorough expertise in maintenance and troubleshooting procedures to ensure uninterrupted production. Being thorough with the production practices, safety norms, supply chain management, negotiation with vendors, etc., will help in performing the duties effectively.

Anybody willing to apply for the said position or looking for a resume template to draft his resume can make use of the resume sample given above and make the required changes in it to present his candidature to the prospective employer. Make use of this resume sample and get started now.

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