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Air Traffic Control Engineer Resume

A resume plays an important role in the job application process of an applicant. Applicants applying for air traffic control engineer post must write their air traffic control engineer resumes efficiently, so as to make maximum impact on the recruiter in the very beginning of their job application procedure. However, many applicants find it very difficult to construct their resumes, as they do not have the proper knowledge on how to write a resume efficiently.

Applicants who are in a dilemma on writing a proper resume must know that resume writing is not that difficult and the writer just needs to know certain important points for the construction of a brilliant resume. Air traffic control engineering is a very responsible and hard working job and the applicants need to portray their eligibility for this position through their resumes.

Below are several points that will help applicants in writing a better resume for their job applications.

Tips for writing an air traffic control engineer resume:

  • Following a format is essential
  • The resume must be written systematically in an organized manner
  • Technical details, knowledge, and expertise possessed by the applicant must be clearly written
  • Should not use long sentences and paragraphs
  • Must not use informal and casual words and phrases
  • An official tone must be maintained
  • Should restrict the use of 'I' as much as possible

Below is a sample of air traffic controller resume that will throw more light on how to write a better resume for the job application.

David Martin
First Perkins Avenue, Middle Downtown Bay Area
Miami, Florida (2354 345)
Phone: 34545 4555
Email address:

Career Objective:

Looking for a challenging position as an Air Traffic Control Engineer in an established defense organization, where my skills and knowledge will be used for the proper working and progress of the organization and also for my personal experience.

Career Summary:

Highly experienced in the field of air traffic control with work experience of 5 years in the commercial flight air traffic control department.

Summary of Skills:

  • Complete expertise and in-depth knowledge of radar and non-radar surroundings, handling ATC equipment and routing procedures that involves MEDVAC, etc.
  • Widespread knowledge of flight planning, FAA ATC procedures, and ground-flight and flight-ground communication
  • Highly equipped to handle situations during mid air, landing, and take-off emergencies
  • Solid knowledge of the procedures that incorporate ACT recorder operations
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of technicalities involved in communication

Professional Experience:

Company: Asia-Pacific Airways
Designation: Senior Air Traffic Control Engineer

Roles performed:

  • Playing primary role in flight planning and preparation of timings of each flight
  • Comparing flight plans with the schedule of other flights
  • Looking after and clearing air space for the safe moving of flights
  • Communicating with all local, domestic, and international on land control centers
  • Accumulating and restoring flight data for the archive section
  • Planning bulk storage flight plans
  • Communicating with the ground crew for current status

Academic History:

  • Master's Degree in Air Traffic Control Engineering from VMX Institute of Aviation Science
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Miami


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.


Reference letter, academic reports, and appreciation letter

We hope that the above tips and sample of air traffic control engineer resume will surely help applicants in getting a better understanding on how to construct a resume and enhance it for their job applications.

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