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Air Force Computer Engineer Resume

While writing an air force computer engineer resume, applicants should always remember to stress on the technical know-how and computer expertise that they possess. Air force computer engineer is a very skilled and knowledge intensive profile which requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. Applicants applying for the post must be fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills required for qualifying for it.

An air force computer engineer resume must be skillfully written. Many applicants face difficulties while writing a technical resume, as it gets puzzling to know how to organize all the aspects of your professional, academic and personal character on a single piece of paper. Applicants should, therefore, need to know some basic and characteristic features of writing an attractive resume of such type.

Before starting to write the resume, applicants must do some online research and select an appropriate format, following which the entire resume can be constructed. A format is like the backbone of the resume which helps in making the resume look more organized and systematic.

After adopting a certain format style, applicants should provide all the necessary details such as the personal and professional details according to the format. Applicants must also mention about the skills and knowledge in the skills section. Applicants should give more emphasis on the skills and professional details section, as the recruiters put more stress on these aspects.

Some other important rules and regulations which applicants must follow while writing a resume are mentioned below:

  • Must not use long complicated sentences and paragraphs
  • Should restrict the use of 'I' to a minimum
  • Should not use informal or casual words and phrases
  • Must use bullet points wherever necessary as recommended
  • Must address the resume to any particular person or institution
  • Should keep the resume brief and easy to understand

Below is a sample of air force computer engineer resume which makes the task of resume writing for such a technical post much simpler for the applicants.

Roger Miller
12th Wax Wagon Avenue, South Bay Area
San Francisco, California (345 34555)
Email address:
Phone: 5433 3454554

Career Objective:

Willing to work for the challenging post of Air Force Computer Engineer in a reputed defense organization, where I will be able to use my skills and expertise for the proper running and progress of the organization and for my individual experience.

Career Summary:

Solid experience in computer engineering in a well known private aviation company, where I worked for a period of 7 years. Highly trained and educated computer engineer with team leading and excellent communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in handling and performing complex network and engineering related programs and tasks
  • Expertise in data encryption, understanding of digital signatures, etc.
  • Good knowledge of hash algorithm and a wide range of other computer applications and software
  • Expertise in testing and maintenance
  • Highly equipped to solve complex engineering problems related to aerospace and aeronautics
  • Received training for working in defense aviation academies

Professional Experience:

Organization: AIR Aviations
Designation: Air Force Computer Engineer
Duration: January, 2007 to August, 2014

Roles and duties played:

  • Performed the task of installation and configuration of several types of software
  • Performed logistic operations
  • Involved in testing procedures
  • Handled the presentation of computer software and programs
  • Updated the present software and computer applications
  • Analyzed the vulnerabilities and risk factors

Academic History:

  • Master's Degree in Aviation Computer Engineering from Caltech University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Software Engineering from University of California
  • Diploma Course in Defense Department Computer Engineering from HOL Academy of Aviation


I hereby declare that the details provided above are true to my knowledge.


Available on request.

We hope that the above sample and tips on how to write an air force computer engineer resume will surely help the applicants who wish to apply for the post to write a better resume for the job applications.

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