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Advanced Process Control Engineer Resume

Advanced process control (APC) consists of various tools and techniques which can be used to have an effective control over different problems associated with processes. It makes use of elements from diverse sciences and engineering branches such as artificial intelligence, management control system, statistical tools, control engineering etc. Advanced process control is used in selective industries where effective statistical control can be established. Thus, it ascertains the monitoring of a process and control and sees to it that the process works at its best.

Here are some of the key functions which a process control engineer is required to perform:

  • APC designing and implementation of process control techniques with the help of various tools and techniques from different disciplines
  • Developing advanced semi-automated solutions to control and manage various processes in the manufacturing industry
  • Conducting multivariable control model building and implementation
  • Carrying out statistical control measures and analysis
  • Providing process control support and maintenance facility to manufacturing processes
  • Consciously attempting to improve productivity with the help of scientific researches and modifications in designs and processes

In this way, an advanced process control engineer needs to be technology oriented and try to find out process improvement solutions, so as to increase the efficiency of the plant scientifically. So, while writing an advanced process control engineer resume, you should concentrate on the technical expertise and scientific approach to problem solving.

Jerry E. Holloway
1783 Private Lane
Pelham, GA 31779

Career Objective:

Seeking the position of an advanced process control engineer in a reputed company, where I can utilize my skills, talent, and expertise in improving process control engineering and thereby, contributing to the company's profitability in a positive manner.

Profile Summary:

  • Wide ranging experience in developing equipment based control solutions to improve the efficiency of a plant
  • 6 years of experience as a process control engineer and managing petrochemical industries
  • 2 years of practice in APC engineering and designing as per the specifications and requirements to improve the output
  • Well versed with various developments in process control tools and techniques used in the manufacturing industry


  • Expertise in using advanced statistical process control tools and techniques
  • Well familiar with advanced process control tools and techniques
  • Proficient in handling full-automated and semi-automated processes of the manufacturing industry
  • Expertise in handling JMP statistical software

Technical skills:

  • Ability to simplify complex graphs and designs with the help of computer aided designing
  • Aware of different Microsoft applications useful for carrying out advanced process control engineering
  • Reasonable knowledge of the software applications required for control functions

Professional experience:

Process Control Engineer at Oil Refinery Inc.,
California; 2006-2012


  • Providing process control support and maintenance facilities to the manufacturing plants in the industry
  • Providing technical support to clients in process control and management in relation to the manufacturing processes
  • Designing and implementing regulatory operational strategies in relation to the processes

Advanced Process Control Engineer, RYB Resources Pvt. Ltd.
Port Arthur, Texas 77451;
2008-till date


  • Provide technology based solutions to the problems related to manufacturing processes
  • Increase the efficiency by performing necessary modifications in the designs
  • Suggest necessary changes in the systems and processes, so as to increase the productivity of the plant
  • Handle multivariable control model building and implementation
  • Provide troubleshoot help for implementing APC techniques
  • Provide necessary technical support required for effective implementation of APC


  • Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan; 2004
  • Diploma Course in Advanced Tools and Techniques for Statistical Process Control; 2005
  • Certification Course in Designing and Effective Implementation of Process Control Re-Engineering; 2006


Awarded with 'The Innovator of the Year 2013' award for suggesting changes in the processes, which effected in the generation of high productivity and profits as a consequence.


  • Affiliated with Professional Workers Club
  • Active member of Entrepreneurial Initiative and Business Idea Development Solutions Club

In this way, you need to highlight the credentials and skills associated with process control engineering and developing solutions for improving processes. You are required to focus on your professional experience and expertise in handling process control functions.

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