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ASIC Verification Engineer Resume

Electronic engineers who work on the development and design of integrated circuits (ICs) used in different electronic devices are known as ASIC engineers. Many electronic gadgets such as television, music player, etc., have undergone a huge transformation, owing to the compressed sizes possible due to integrated circuits used in electronic devices. Previously, television sets were huge and bulky, but plasma televisions today are a perfect example of the advancement in the field. This has, in turn, led to increased demand for ASIC design and verification engineers.

Since this profession demands one to be thoroughly skilled, detail oriented, and capable to work on minute circuit designs and testing of the same, organizations trust only the best and look for the same. Any product, before reaching the customer, is tested for effective functioning and perfection. The ASIC (application specific integrated circuits) verification engineers, thus work in coordination with design engineers and test the effectiveness, functioning, specifications, and standards of the design. On receiving the approval from them, the product gets ready to go into the market.

The sample of ASIC verification engineer resume given below will prove helpful for ones willing to understand the job profile as well as for those willing to draft a perfect resume for the same.

Gerald P. Moore
2025 Cherry Lane
Hartford, CT 06116
Phone: 808-221-3000

Career Objective:

With thorough expertise in testing and analysis, designing and development procedures of integrated circuits, and troubleshooting of flaws pertaining to the same, I am capable of handling a team of test engineers and training them to test and improvise the efficiency of circuit designs. I am, thus, looking for a similar position wherein I can use my expertise and management skills effectively.

Career Summary:

With a total experience of 6.5 years in ASIC engineering and having worked on design and verification engineering, I am currently working as an ASIC Verification Engineer with ZEST Electronic Engineering, Hartford, CT. Over the years, I have developed thorough expertise in design and verification engineering and become capable of working independently without much supervision or assistance.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with testing procedures, advanced verification tools and methods, etc., used in verification engineering
  • Expertise in using various lab equipment and maintaining and fixing the same
  • Thorough with algorithm developments involved in circuit designing
  • Good analytical and reasoning skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good leadership skills and proven team working skills
  • Thorough in troubleshooting and rectifying the flaws
  • Thorough with preparing test manuals and test reports

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: ZEST Electronic Engineering, Hartford, CT
Designation: ASIC Verification Engineer
(2011-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Testing and analyzing the ICs developed by the engineers for checking compliance with the given specifications, standards, etc., and functioning effectiveness
  • Analyzing and tracking tests and coverages
  • Performing critical, random, and application level testing to ensure successful incorporation of the design in the product and its effectiveness
  • Designing debugs, fixing the same, and rectifying flaws, if any
  • Performing troubleshooting based on analysis and test results, coordinating with manufacturing engineers, and working on the process of making the end product as effective and user friendly as possible
  • Applying SystemVerilog Assertions to check for the functional coverage of the product
  • Drafting test manuals that help junior engineers to execute their work, drafting test reports to facilitate working on the same, and explaining the reports to the concerned head

Previous Work Experiences:

XenSar Engineering and Testing
Designation: Associate Test Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in testing and analysis
  • Make necessary preparations for testing procedures and assure that all the equipment are working correctly
  • Assist in drafting technical manuals and reports
  • Ensure active participation in the troubleshooting procedures to help in fixing faults and increasing the effectiveness of the product

JBS Electronics Ltd.
Designation: ASIC Design Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Handle the work of integrated circuit designing
  • Check the specifications and features put forth for the product
  • Work in coordination with the ASIC verification engineers to understand the flaws or defects


  • Master of Electronic Engineering, University of Hartford, CT - 2007
  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, University of Hartford CT - 2005

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in basic computer operations, analytical tools, and Internet operations

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • State-level rugby player
  • Active participation in quizzes and debate competitions


Looking for suitable opportunities in Connecticut, Bristol, and Virginia.


Available on request.

Gerald .P. Moore

The sample of ASIC verification engineer resume given above will prove helpful for individuals looking for resume samples of similar job profiles and assist them to draft their resumes accordingly. The resume sample given above matches the professional resume writing specifications and will thus, help one to put forth his candidature effectively. Draft your perfect resume now and get started.

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