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ASIC Design Engineer Resume

ASIC design engineer resume is required by professional engineers (electronic engineers) who specialize in "application specific integrated circuit" (ASIC) design and development. ICs (integrated circuits) have changed the digital world as we see today. A major advantage of ICs is the gross reduction in the size of electronic equipment. From the traditional cumbersome and heavy TV sets to today's thin light plasma or LED TV sets, the change has been possible due to development of ICs. A major contribution to these technological changes has been the contribution of ASIC engineers.

In the present scenario where desktops have been given way to notebooks and palm tops, sleek and advanced mobile phones have become popular than fixed lines; the services of an ASIC engineer cannot be ignored. This explains the rising demand of ASIC design engineer resume samples among the aspiring electronic engineers who want to be a part of this booming sector of the IT industry. ASIC engineers and their services are much in demand due to the advances made in technology and the rising demand of user friendly equipment. Considering the technical skill sets required to be a professional electronic engineer, organizations have developed intricate selection processes which ensure that only the best of talent get hired.

Thus, for candidates to present an inciting candidature which can win them an interview call, it is necessary that they draft their ASIC design engineer resumes with utmost care and diligence. The resume should be effectively able to highlight the desired skill sets and grab the employers' attention among the heaps of resumes received by them. Remember, a resume should be attractive, legible, and informative to have the desired impact.

To help the applicants, we have shared a sample of ASIC design engineer resume which can be referred to for collecting the necessary information. This sample highlights the career objective, job responsibilities, educational qualifications, and professional skill sets desired by an ideal candidate to deliver the job responsibilities satisfactorily.

Alaina K. Nunez
4725 Vine Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (847) 666 1137

Career Objective:

To work with a renowned electronics company, where I can bring my technical and design skills to effective use and provide effective ASIC design solutions which would help the company to meet its customer requirements and grow exponentially.

Career Summary:

I am an experienced engineering professional with 9 years of experience in designing and developing effective ASIC design solutions. I have been a part of many research and development teams and successfully provided the clients with unique and reliable solutions. Imbibed by experience, my leaderships skills have been helpful in guiding a team of 8-10 professionals to successfully meet its targets.

Professional Experience:

Team Leader (ASIC Design)
Bridge Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd., Commerce Dr., Oak Brook, IL
(2011 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop guidelines and plans for the team Discuss with clients and identify their needs and requirements Explain and assign responsibilities to the members of the team Complete the targets on time Inspect the final design Perform trials for checking the compatibility and specifications Prepare necessary reports for work progress monitoring Evaluate the training needs for team members Ensure that the organizational policies are adhered by the team members Analyze feedback from trial runs for further development Be a part of the brainstorming team for developing new services and products Assist the management in conducting performance appraisal of the team members Conduct preliminary training of new joiners

Senior ASIC Design Engineer
Bridge Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd., Commerce Dr., Oak Brook, IL
(2008 - 2011)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the team lead in guiding the team to achieve the set targets Review the work of associates for effective flow and integration Stay in touch with clients for follow up on the developments and their specifications Meet the task deadlines and targets Assist junior engineers and new joiners in the team Discuss with the team leader regarding the planning and execution of strategies Adhere to the organizational policies and ensure that other members, too, do the same Maintain a record of the daily tasks and progress of the assigned projects Assist the team members with the operations of various equipment Take initiative in maintaining par stock of necessary supplies Take part in all training sessions and performance evaluation tests Report to the team lead on a daily basis

ASIC Design Engineer
Bridge Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd., Commerce Dr., Oak Brook, IL
(2005 - 2008)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work on the assigned projects and responsibilities Adhere to the policies and specified guidelines for project competition Perform circuit designing for various logic gates: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR, and XNOR Develop digital circuit designs according to the client requirements and as specified by the team leader Meet the deadlines and targets Report to the team lead on a daily basis Attend training sessions

Academic Qualifications:

M. Sc. Electrical Engineering
Everest Engineering College, Cicero Ave., Bedford Park, IL
(2003 - 2005)

BE (Electronics and Communication)
WestWood College, Highland Pkwy., Downers Grove, IL
(1999 - 2003)

Professional Skills:

  • Ability to operate various lab equipment Analytical and logical reasoning skills Algorithm development Problem solving skills Leadership skills Communication skills Interpersonal skills


Would be made available on prior request.

We hope the above given ASIC design engineer resume example would be helpful for candidates in the effective understanding of resume writing styles and aid them to draft a professional resume for an ASIC Engineer job opening.

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