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Yoga Instructor Resume

Health and fitness are the necessity of the day. Today, people wish to stay fit and look healthy not only to live a healthy life, but also to look great. Physical appearance is given due importance in today's world. People work hard to look fit and healthy. Besides this, the stressful and busy life has also made it important for people to spare some time for their health and workout in a gym, meditate or practice yoga, etc. Yoga is a highly popular form of workout. Yoga not only helps one in gaining physical fitness, but also to become mentally strong and healthy. It is a rejuvenation exercise which rejuvenates the body to cope up with the day-to-day stress.

Yoga instructors or yoga teachers are in great demand today. These teachers work with yoga schools, yoga studios, meditation retreats, etc., while some even work as an independent yoga teachers/personal trainers. To apply for a job, a candidate will need to send in his resume to the employer. The employer will then review and decide about the candidature of the sender.

A yoga teacher is a trained expert in yoga and specializes in one or different forms of yoga such as Hatha, Power, Kundalini, etc. Yoga is a blend of meditation (Pranayam) and body postures (asanas). Both combined together helps one to workout in a way that his body and mind become healthy. Our daily routine not only exhausts our body, but also exhausts our mind. It is equally important to rejuvenate our mind and brain, so that they gets ready for another hectic day at work or home. Yoga takes care of this as well.

Meditation helps in keeping the fitness of mind and physical postures help in that of the fitness of body. Different forms of such exercises cater to different requirements of people. People who wish to lose weight and tone their bodies can opt for Power Yoga and its alike. Beginner's yoga or yoga for aged only works towards making one's body flexible and healthy.

The resume sample given below will help in putting forth your candidature for the said position.

Jim F. Hewlett
12th Green Fountain Street
Thompson, IA 55417
Phone: 541-845-2815

Career Objective:

Looking forward to work with some of the renowned yoga schools or retreats of Iowa, Illinois, or Connecticut. Willing to work with rehabilitation centers and hospitals to help patients overcome their heath problems and benefit from yoga.

Career Summary:

Presently working as a Yoga Instructor with Tranquil Peace Yoga Retreat, Thompson, Iowa. I have been into yoga coaching for almost 5 years and am thorough with Power Yoga and Hot Yoga. I have gained expertise in meditation and yoga postures and excelled at training in the same. I have been a part of many yoga camps organized by the yoga retreats I worked with and helped many to stay fit and healthy with this art.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in Power Yoga and Hot Yoga and well acquainted with many other forms of yoga
  • Excellent coaching skills and passion towards yoga, which helps to train students with high enthusiasm and great ease
  • Expertise in customizing the training curriculums and techniques as per the requirements of the batch or trainees
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Tranquil Peace Yoga Retreat, Thompson, Iowa (2012-till date)
Designation: Yoga Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Train retreat members in practicing various asanas of yoga and incorporating meditation in their personal lives
  • Conduct yoga sessions as per the batch requirements
  • Discuss various body postures, their benefits, etc., and explain the breathing techniques associated with the same to trainees
  • Help trainees in developing a schedule for themselves
  • Make sure that the members/trainees at the retreat eat healthy and fresh food and practice the routine assigned to them
  • Travel across the state for yoga camps organized by the retreat

Previous Work Experience

A] Peace and Posture Meditation Retreat (2009-2012)
Designation: Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan yoga sessions for the members at the retreat, segregate them into batches, and plan proper individual routines for them
  • Make sure that everyone wakes on time and attends the early morning combined meditation sessions
  • Conduct sessions as per the number of batches and train the members on different body postures
  • Make sure that the workout place is cleaned and equipped with fresh drinking water before every batch
  • Make sure that the members eat the right food, follow the routine, stay away from mobile phone, television, etc., while at the retreat


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Iowa Arts University, IA - 2008


  • Certified Yoga Teacher from Iowa Institute for Yoga Instructors, IA - 2009
  • Advanced Yoga Trainer Certification from Satchitdananda Yoga Ashram, Buckingham, UK - 2010


Available on prior request


Jim F. Hewlett

A yoga instructor or yoga teacher thus, helps one to master the art of yoga and live a healthy life. In case of Hot Yoga and Power Yoga, the instructor has to plan a proper routine for the trainees and observe the improvement in their health as time passes by. A well written yoga instructor resume will only help a potential employee to put forth his candidature effectively.

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