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Writing Teacher Resume

Handwriting plays a vital role in understanding one's personality and creating the right impression. For example, students with good handwriting in the school are always appreciated. Also during exams, students benefit or lose to a great extent based on their writing.

A clever student who has studied well and knows all the answers to the questions given in the exam paper, but has a bad handwriting might still lose on good grades. The reason being that the examiner would find it difficult to understand the writing while the answer sheet looks clumsy and thus, create a bad impression on him. On the other hand, a neat, beautiful, and legible handwriting would please the examiner and create the perfect impression on him even before the answers are read. Writing is not just limited to what we write in our day-to-day lives. There are many artistic forms to it such as calligraphy, graffiti font, etc. These writings make use of a creative and artistic approach and people actually learn this art.

Many learn professional calligraphy and wish to master the art. They also take it up as their profession, train students in the same, and come up with books providing knowledge on it. Such professionals are usually hired for fulfilling the requirement for such artistic writing. Besides this, schools also hire writing teachers to help students develop their writing style right from kindergarten to grades III and IV. Initially the child begins writing alphabets, small letters, capital letters, etc. Then, further moves to writing words, sentences, running handwriting, etc. This entire process also comes under the purview of a writing teacher.

Writing styles such as calligraphy come into the art category, where students learn them out of interest and not compulsion. Teachers possessing expertise in the same can work with kindergarten and elementary schools to teach basic writing to students and offer calligraphy writing courses to interested students. They can also work independently or post school hours to conduct classes on calligraphy writing. Schools would prefer someone with a high school diploma and one who has completed a course in such writing styles.

A candidate will have to present all this information to the prospective employer and can thus, make use of writing teacher resume samples to draft a resume for themselves. Moreover, sending a few samples of his writing will further strengthen his candidature and make the employer more interested about selecting or considering him for the further rounds of selection. The resume sample given below caters to the same. It is a generic resume sample which provides an outline of a professional writing teacher resume and helps candidates to draft their resumes with ease.

Susanne R. Russell
12th Great Garden View Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90190
Phone: 310-658-6825

Career Objective:

Wish to use my expertise in the said field to help interested candidates in mastering the art of writing, especially calligraphy writing, keeping it alive in a generation where animation and computerized calligraphy or graphics have taken over the core essence of using calligraphy pens or other tools used for writing. Also, wish to work with students who aspire for building a career in the same.

Career Summary:

Presently employed with St. Anna's Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA as a Writing Teacher. I deal with students aged between 3-8 years and work towards developing their basic writing skills. I work in coordination with language teachers and accordingly, frame sessions for students and teach them the complete course from scratch, i.e., writing alphabets, word, sentences, etc. I also work with Artistic Fonts Institute, Los Angeles, CA as a Calligraphy Trainer, wherein I teach professional calligraphy to students. St. Anna's Elementary School also provides post school sessions to students twice a week in calligraphy writing and interested students enroll for the same.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Expertise in different calligraphy styles viz., Italic or Chancery, BlackLetter, Roman, BookHand or Foundational Hand, Uncial, Copperplate, etc. Besides, knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy
  • Skilled in using different calligraphy pens. Also, great competency in making simple writings artistic and beautiful
  • Expertise in training students in developing their writing skills right from the time they start writing
  • Excellent communication skills. Expertise in writing and reading English, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Highly optimistic attitude and zeal to excel and learn as much possible
  • Expertise in motivating and helping others to develop a positive approach in life. Excellent coordination skills with happy-go-lucky nature, which helps to develop a friendly learning environment in the class
  • Skilled in developing student friendly approach in the class such that students could easily come up to with their doubts
  • Expertise in training in professional calligraphy and help interested students to showcase their talent by arranging small exhibitions or publishing small-scale magazines which are distributed in the school or institute. This helps them to develop further interest and learn from others

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Anna's Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA (2012-till date)
Designation: Writing Teacher and Calligraphy Writing Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the School Principal
  • Follow the school's policies and regulations
  • Work as per the syllabus drafted for students
  • Provide personal assistance to students to learn writing. Especially with young children who have just begun writing, provide personal assistance right from training them in holding their pencils, moving their hand, etc.
  • Conduct copywriting classes for students to help them develop their writing skills
  • Conduct calligraphy writing sessions for interested students as per the time slot and schedule alloted by the school
  • Motivate students to put in their creativity in writing and make it look artistic, curvy, beautiful, etc. This helps them to develop further interest in the same and come up with beautiful writing styles
  • Coordinate with teachers and parents and discuss any doubts or provide feedback on basic writing, helping them to improve on the same


  • High School Diploma from Peter Park High School, Los Angeles, CA - 2009
  • Language Course in Japanese and Chinese from Institute of Foreign Languages, Los Angeles, CA - 2010
  • Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy Course from Calligraphy Studio, Richmond, VA - 2011
  • Certified Course in Calligraphy from Calligraphy Studio (comprising four units covering everything right from basic to advanced calligraphy) with Grade A+ - 2012


Susanne R. Russell

A writing teacher resume should, thus, be drafted in a way that the employer gets all the required information pertaining to the candidate's writing skills. Try to cash upon all your expertise and skills by presenting it in your resume in a way that your candidature proves to be utmost interesting and beneficial to the employer.

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