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Schools have many students, a standard syllabus, and a standard teaching pattern for all. However, the grasping abilities of students vary from each another. For example, student 'A' might understand something easily, whereas it is not necessary that student 'B' might understand the same with so much ease. The teaching style though remains same for both, the grasping power differs. Thus, many opt for tutors who provide personal guidance to students.

A tutor can work for a coaching institution or provide home tuitions. However, a coaching institution, again, is similar to classroom environment and thus, people opt for private home tutors. The benefit of appointing a home tutor is that he solely caters to the child's needs and thus, can give 100% attention to him. Personal/private tutors usually do not work with more than 4-5 children. They visit 4-5 houses or families and attend to only a limited number of students at a given point of time.

The sample of tutor resume given below will help the interested candidates to draft their resumes and send in their applications to work as tutors.

Mark. P Tyson
16 Simula Street
Peoria, IL 61613
Phone: 309-337-1028

Career Objective:

Having excelled at academics and a great passion for studies and education, I am currently working as a Tutor and looking forward to work with students who need specific guidance and attention to do well in their academics. Willing to accept challenges and work with students who have not being doing well in academics and need thorough guidance and training.

Career Summary:

Presently working with four families and providing assistance to students of elementary and high schools. Currently working with 6 students of 4 families, out of which, three students are from an elementary school and the other three from a high school. I am thus aware of the syllabus, assignments, project requirements, evaluation pattern, etc., of the recent education system and possess expertise in training and assisting students in a way that they excel in their exams. I believe in developing a learning approach towards education rather than just mugging up concepts for getting good grades in the exams. Prior to this, I worked with Zeus Coaching Institute, wherein I taught English and math to the students.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellence in academics
  • Expertise in English, math, and social studies
  • Expertise in guiding students in completing projects, presentations, assignments, etc.
  • Expertise in helping students to prepare and present their knowledge precisely in the exam papers
  • Well acquainted with the evaluation procedures and thus, excels in training students accordingly

Professional Experience:

Currently Self Employed (2012 - till date)
Role: Private Tutor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan daily sessions as per the syllabus and school studies of students
  • Help students in completing their assignments, projects, and presentations
  • Keep a track of their daily studies, grades of tests conducted in schools, etc.
  • Keep a track of students' exam time-tables and help them to prepare accordingly
  • Train students in writing and answering the test questions in a way that they present their knowledge in the best possible manner
  • Motivate students to put in their best, express their talent and expertise, and participate in extracurricular activities as well, so as to ensure their all-round development
  • Conduct tests and revisions

Previous Work Experience

A] Zeus Coaching Institute, Peoria, Illinois (2010-2012)
Designation: Tutor

  • Conduct sessions for subjects such as English and math for elementary and high school students
  • Draft tests papers and evaluate the same to provide feedback to students
  • Assist students, clarify their doubts, and help them to excel in their tests and exams


  • Master of Arts with Dual Honors in English and Math, St. Lumine Arts University, Peoria, Illinois - 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts with Dual Honors in English and Math, St. Lumine Arts University, Peoria, Illinois - 2008


Sherry K. Park - Zeus Coaching Institute, Peoria, Illinois, Director, Zeus Coaching
102 Silk View Street
Peoria, IL- 61613
Ph: 358-556-8028

Tyra P. Stuart
25th Green pArk Blvd.,
Peoria, IL 61660
Ph: 358-268-2286


Mark P. Tyson

A tutor resume thus, helps academic experts who wish to work as tutors or retired teachers to draft their resumes and excel in their job pursuit. Candidates with expertise in academics or a good teaching experience are usually chosen for the said profile. Drafting a resume that puts forth this excellence and expertise thus, helps in applying for similar opportunities and grabbing the same from the competitors.

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