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Theater Teacher Resume

Besides Hollywood and television industry, another very important platform for budding as well as established actors is the theater. Theater is a place where a group of artists come together and give live performances. Just as we get to see different movies on screen, these theater groups also perform different plays. They display historical stories, mythological stories, scripts that highlight certain social causes, romantic stories, comic stories, etc.

Theater artists travel from one place to another and perform in different cities, states, and even overseas. Theater is a well-reputed and established industry. People undergo thorough training from experts before entering the said field. Usually, experienced theater artists, after spending a considerable time span of their career in giving on-stage performances, move to teaching. They either work with different acting schools or set up their individual acting schools and train students on different aspects of acting.

Nowadays, many schools and colleges appoint a full time or a part time teacher to train students. This subject can either be taught as a part of the extracurricular activities in schools or studied as one of the core subjects in art schools.

A theater teacher resume is a tool that helps a candidate to present his acting skills, experience in the said field, qualifications, expertise, etc., in a simple and precise manner, not extending more than 2-3 pages. With the help of this document, the candidate can apply for different vacancies put forth by the employers in the same. Once the resume is selected for the interview rounds, half the battle is won. The candidate can effectively put forth his potential in the interview and thus, increase his chances of being selected for the said position. The resume sample given below will help us to understand about writing an effective and winning resume.

Mike T. Gonsalves
25th Crossroad Book Market Street
Waukegan, IL 60084
Phone: 847-775-5546

Career Objective:

With thorough expertise and experience in the said field and having worked as a Theater Teacher for almost three years, I wish to work with some of the renowned theater groups or art schools as a Theater Teacher. I wish to work with an organization, where theater is the vital subject and not just perceived as an extracurricular activity.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 12 years and relevant work experience of 3 years, I am currently employed with Florence High School as a Theater Instructor. I am responsible for picking up topics for theater acts, train students right from the basics in every aspect of acting, etc. Prior to this, I have been a part of the theater industry for almost 9 years and worked with some of the great theater legends such as Rodriguez D'mello, Anna Park, and Shelley Mike. This hands-on experience in the theater industry makes me a perfect mentor or instructor for the said field and helps me to train students with a practical approach to the art.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in theater acting
  • Expertise in displaying emotions, controlling voice pitch, understanding the depth of the story and reflecting the same on stage, etc.
  • Thorough with the requirements of theater playing
  • Well-acquainted with various forms of acting such as mime, comic, ballad, etc., and expertise in different dance forms such as ballet, contemporary, etc.
  • Expertise in developing training programs as per the age, ability, and learning requirements of students
  • Expertise in training students in a way that they turn out to be true artists, wherein they actually understand the importance of getting involved in the character in a way that makes the act look real on stage
  • Expertise in English, German, and French languages and spoken as well as written communication

Some of the renowned theater plays in my kitty:

A Rainy Coffee Date
Lead Role - Tom Park
Genre - Romantic Comedy
Performed in 20 different states and awarded with "Best Actor" award by Theater Group Awards for the role in this play.

That Dark Night
Lead Role - Xavier Jockey
Genre - Thriller
On public demand, this play was played in different parts of the USA for more than 2 months in each state. Highly acclaimed and appreciated by the theater audiences and awarded with "Best Play" award.

Tim & Jim
Second Lead Role - Jim
Genre - Comedy
Awarded with "Best Comic Actor" award for the role in this play.

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Florence High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2011- till date)
Designation: Theater Teacher/Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Train students in the basics of acting such as emotions, voice pitch control, dialog delivery, etc.
  • Pick up themes or topics based on historical and mythological events and train students for enacting on different portions of the same
  • Train students on different genres of acting such as emotional, thriller, comedy, romantic, etc.
  • Help students understand the script, requirements of the character, etc.

Previous Work Experience

A] Three Musketeers Theater Group (2002-2011)
Designation: Theater Artist
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Worked in lead roles, supporting roles, and junior roles over a tenure of 9 years
  • Enacted various characters on stage
  • Assisted in scripting, direction, choreography, and organization of plays
  • Took the responsibility of training the freshmen entering the theater group


  • Master of Arts in Dance & Theater, Institute of Acting, Waukegan, Illinois - 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, Institute of Acting, Waukegan, Illinois - 2000


Available on prior request


Mike T. Gonsalves

The theater teacher resume sample given above will help a theater artist to work as an instructor in an acting school, high school, etc., and assist to impart his knowledge and expertise gained over the years to help the budding artists excel at their work.

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