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Teacher for Disabled Resume

Job Description:

Teachers for the disabled have to teach a variety of disabled students. They can work in elementary, middle, and high schools. The disabilities of students may range from mild learning difficulties to physical and mental disabilities. Therefore, these teachers have to apply different modes of teaching while dealing with students with a variety of disabilities. They have to provide education to these students such as relating to computer applications and real life management.

The teachers have the responsibility of performing discussions with the school administration, fellow teaches, and parents before designing the individualized education plans, keeping in mind the learning capacities of students individually. These special teachers teaching the disabled students should have a lot of patience and dedication towards their duties and responsibilities.

In some cases, the disabled students may share the classroom with ordinary and regular students and the teacher for the disabled has to make these students to understand what the regular teacher has taught in the class. In some schools, there may be separate classrooms for the disabled students and here, the teacher has to teach them with a modified curriculum which is less intensive than other education plans for common students.

In respect of severely disabled students, the teacher has to teach them the basic life skills such as grocery shopping, boarding transport vehicles, and paying different bills at appropriate places.

Sharon J. Jenkins
3110, Giraffe Hill Drive
Lewisville, TX-75067
Phone: 972-304-3956

Job Objective:

I am seeking the position of a teacher in a special school for the disabled or any other school where the disabled students are also admitted, so as to use my skills for the benefit of the affected students.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Good at teaching and handling the students with learning disabilities
  • Enough knowledge of the diversified and psychological behavior of the disabled students and ability to handle them easily
  • Ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the disabled students and teach them using personal knowledge of the methods and techniques of education
  • Aware of disability laws and implements them as and when necessary
  • Good communication skills in both the forms namely, written and verbal
  • Very much familiar with all sorts of computer applications and relevant technologies

Professional Experience:

Presently working as a teacher for the disabled in a primary school in North Dakota since September, 2012. The work responsibilities handled are:

  • Planning special curriculums for the disabled with the help of appropriate instructional materials
  • Assessing the interests of the students individually and using different techniques such as relating to physical, emotional, etc., factors while teaching them
  • Asking the management and parents of the students to appraise the teaching techniques and seeking their approval and guidance

Prior to the above employment, worked as a teacher for the learning disabled in an elementary school in North Dakota from September, 2010 to August, 2012. The following duties and responsibilities were attended:

  • Maintained lesson plans as per the manual of instructions for education to the disabled, prepared progress reports on their performance, and monitored their day-to-day progresses and recorded the same
  • Discussed with social workers, health professionals, and other specialists in order to develop the physical, social, and mental status of the students
  • Also, engaged in assisting the establishment and administration works occasionally

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from University of North Dakota, 2008
  • Master's Degree in Sociology from University of North Dakota, 2010

Significance of Enclosing a Resume:

In recent times, all the aspirants seeking for employment are aware that a well defined resume has to be enclosed while applying for any position in the job market. Only a few hiring managers do not expect resumes. In this case, while notifying the job, it is clearly mentioned that a resume is not necessary. The candidates have to prepare and enclose resumes compulsorily unless instructed not to do so by the recruiting authorities.

As far as the post of teacher for disabled is concerned, the aspirants have to prepare an informative "teacher for disabled resume", which would be an introductory note to your prospective employer. You have to include an objective at the beginning of your resume which will give a clear picture about what you are looking for.

As far as the job of a teacher for disabled is concerned, you might have served in some voluntary organizations, which is common for kind hearted people. The details of teacher for disabled resume should contain these voluntary services at the top if you have less experience in the teaching profession. This will create a better impression about you.

The importance of teacher for disabled resume lies in the fact that you get to advertise your skills, experience, and additional voluntary services. And this way, you make the employer realize your dedication and give yourself a chance to attend the job interview.

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