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Teacher Aide Resume

A teacher assistant or teacher aide's job is very important and respectable and similar to that of a general teacher. A person working at this position has to work in coordination with the class teacher and assist her in general supervision of the class, maintenance of discipline in the class, etc.

This position is usually termed as the 'teacher-in-making' and any person who wishes to work as an elementary or high school teacher can actually work as a teacher aide – part time or full time while pursuing a degree. This adds to the professional experience. A well-written teacher aide resume will help one to portray himself as an eligible candidate for a job and thus, increase the chances of being selected for the further rounds of interview.

The resume sample given below will help to understand the eligibility, requirements, skill sets, and the format of resume for the post of teacher aide or teacher assistant.

Serra S. Parker
1785 Green Way Lane
Alexandria, VA 26412
Phone: 666 0001210101

Career Objective:

Willing to work with preschools and elementary schools, wherein I get to nurture and shape the future of these little angels. I would like to be a part of an education system, which is a proper blend of practical learning and theoretical concepts and that resorts to new innovative techniques of teaching. Besides, I desire to work at an institution where the teachers have the freedom to devise their teaching methodologies and take right decisions for the class.

Career Summary:

Working as a Teacher's Assistant with St. Louis Elementary School since 2012. Have assisted preschool teachers in the initial stages and moved on to the elementary level. The areas of expertise are English language, drawing, dance, and music. Have successfully developed course materials such as charts, presentations, etc., for students to help the teachers to make their sessions more interactive and fun-filled.

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - St. Louis Elementary School
Designation: Teacher's Assistant (2012 - Present)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Follow the instructions of the teacher and implement routine programs and action accordingly
  • Assist the teacher in preparing innovative and interesting learning materials, devise new teaching ideas in cooperation with the teachers, etc.
  • Supervise students in the absence of their teacher
  • Assist the teacher in training students in various activities such as sports, dance, etc.
  • Assist the teacher in maintaining records, collecting test papers, supervising the test sessions, etc.
  • Help students to learn new things, play in groups, participate in various competitions, etc.
  • Supervise students present on the playground and seated in the assembly hall
  • Keep a check on students' behavior in the class, gatherings, etc.
  • Assist the teacher during inspections, medical check ups organized in the school, open day organization, school annual functions, etc.
  • Inform the parents of students regarding meetings, events, etc.
  • Assist the teacher with audio/visual aids used in teaching
  • Follow the directions of the seniors
  • Be caring and loving to students and make them feel comfortable and stress free


Pursuing Elementary Teacher Course from University of Virginia, VA


  • Bachelors of Arts - 2011
  • Teacher's Assistant Course - 2012
  • Professional Sketching Course - 2013

IT Skills:

Well acquainted with computer operations, MS Office, MS Paint, CorelDRAW, and web surfing

Extra Curricular Activities and Achievements:

  • Won first prize in VA Inter-College Sketching Competition - 2012
  • Won Cultural Fest Dance Competition - 2011
  • Active participation in sports and cultural activities


Looking for suitable opportunities in Virginia and Massachusetts


Available on request


Serra S. Parker

A teacher aide thus, helps the teacher to impart quality education to her students, inculcate good values in them, and maintain discipline and decorum in the class. A person willing to work at this position should draft a resume referring to a professional teacher aide resume sample and put forth her best to the employer. The essential qualities to help one work at this position are patience, love, and care for children and flair for teaching and assisting in teaching programs. Draft your resume by referring to the sample given above and get started today! For more teaching and teacher related resumes, we suggest you to have a look at the teacher's resume page and visit this cover letter samples section. A cover letter would always provide you an additional platform to market your resume.

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