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Teacher (High School) Resume

Teaching as a profession is a lucrative sector to opt for, but requires one to draft a striking and professional teacher resume, owing to the intense competition and stringent selection procedures. There are different types of careers in the teaching sector with job profiles of all kinds, some directly and some indirectly related. Before we move on to the information on teaching careers, let's discuss on what does writing a teacher resume requires, as without the resume, you would not be able to submit your candidature for the desired job profile.

Sections of Teacher Resume

Your teacher resume, which is a summary of your professional credentials, should include all the details whether relevant or not, if they are supportive to your candidature. These details are categorized into sub-sections and are presented in a professional, yet attractive, manner in the resume - also referred as CV (curriculum vitae) at times. The key details common to all CVs are resume objective, contact details, academic qualifications, prior work experience (if any), and other details depending upon the candidate's individual profile and her experience.

The details shared in these sub-sections are aesthetically presented, so that they are made able to grab the employer's attention and provoke him to call you for the next round of the selection process, i.e., the interview. For assistance, you may refer to the sample of teacher (high school) resume given below.

Careers in Teaching Profession

Now that we know what all should be included in a resume for a teacher job application, let's see the different types of careers in the teaching sector, which would help you to judge on the desired and required skill sets. However, the list of teaching careers is only illustrative and if you are looking for information on specific types of jobs, you may explore other sections of this website, which are distinctly categorized for easy reference.

  • Nursery teacher (kindergarten)
  • Primary teacher
  • Secondary teacher (high school)
  • Professional teacher
  • Teacher for special education and special needs students
  • Vocational teacher (music, arts, driving, etc.)
  • Principal
  • Other support staff such as librarian, laboratory assistant, etc.
  • Physical education teacher
  • Counselor
  • Career advisor and many more

Below you will find a resume sample for high school teacher position. Know that it can be customized for drafting any other CV as well after making necessary changes. Note that the basic section would remain the same for all types.

Stephanie J. Roberts
1911 Shim Street
New York
NY - 10023
Phone: (212) 787 1526

Career Objective

Looking for a suitable teaching opportunity to teach high school students, where my skill sets would be exposed to challenging situations and effectively used in imparting quality education to students and help to accomplish the school vision along with personal development.

Career Synopsis

With professional teaching experience of over 8 years, I have worked with reputed institutions and have conducted regular classes for science and math subjects for grade 6 to grade 9 students. With skill sets imbibed by experience and knowledge, I have successfully managed to counsel and help students to improve their scores by incorporating innovative and practice oriented teaching methodologies.

Professional Experience

High School Teacher (Class Teacher Grade 6)(2010 - till date)
Science and Mathematics for Grade - 6, 7, 9
Dr. Tara Blitz High School, Broadway, White Plains, NY

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Successfully handled the responsibilities as the class teacher for grade 6 students
  • Maintained cordial relations with parents and students
  • Counseled students for planning their studies and other works
  • Incorporated practical oriented teaching methodologies to develop students' interest in the subjects
  • Utilized advanced tools (animations, presentations, field work, etc.) for better and effective comprehension
  • Monitored student performance on a regular basis and interrupted with suggestive measures
  • Ensured that the parent-teacher meetings are organized on a regular basis for conducting comprehensive discussions and monitoring students' work at home
  • Maintained students' attendance record for effective monitoring
  • Motivated students to take part in extracurricular activities for all-round development
  • Coordinated with other teachers for monitoring students' overall performance in academics and other activities
  • Organized outdoor educational trips for students
  • Assisted in developing technology based teaching methodologies for students
  • Acted as a student mentor for weaker students of the mathematics subject

Jr. High School Teacher (Class Teacher Grade 5)(2006 - 2010)
Science for Grade 7, 8, and Mathematics Grade - 6, 7
Dr. Tara Blitz High School, Broadway, White Plains, NY

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted classes for assigned subjects, i.e. science and mathematics for students of grades 6 and 7
  • Effectively delivered the responsibilities of monitoring the performances of students of grade 5 and managing all the class operations
  • Organized regular meetings and discussions with students' parents for those who are not performing well in the subjects and for grade 5 students
  • Coordinated with other subject teachers for evaluating the comprehensive performance of students
  • Motivated students to take part in non-academic activities and sports
  • Organized outdoor activities for class students
  • Assisted in developing a class structure for junior secondary classes
  • Ensured that all the fee payments are made on time
  • Maintained the record of attendance and marks scored by students in different subjects for preparing cumulative progress reports at the term end
  • Ensured and inculcated qualities of discipline, honesty, and punctuality among students
  • Counseled parents in monitoring students' behavior and development at home

Academic Qualifications

Certified Accredited High School Teacher Program (NY)(2005 - 2006)
Capella University, Canal St., New York, NY

B.Ed (Bachelors in Education)(2002 - 2005)
Ireland House New York University, Washington Mews, New York, NY

Professional Skills

  • Strong subject knowledge of science and mathematics
  • Well versed with advanced teaching methodologies
  • Counseling skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Good at time management


Would be made available on request.

We hope that the candidates would be able to make effective use of the information shared above and the high school teacher resume example for drafting an impressive job application.

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