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Swimming Teacher Resume

Extracurricular activities and sports are equally important as academic knowledge gained by an individual. Sports and extracurricular activities help in the overall development of an individual. Today, excelling only in studies does not suffice. One must have some other talents and skills that differentiate him from many others. Thus, students opt for various art and sport activities.

Swimming is one such activity which is more than a sport. It is not just considered as a sport, but also something which everyone must know. Many consider it very important and many professions make it mandatory for the candidates to know swimming. Besides, it also helps one to maintain and lose weight and stay toned. Thus, there are special instructors or swimming coaches who teach swimming. They can either work with schools or special swimming schools, etc. Alternatively, they can also be self employed and set up their own swimming coaching schools.

Jones T. Jack
12th Left Mark Hollow Street
Hartford, CT 75079
Phone: 885-725-5519

Career Objective:

Willing to use my expertise in swimming to train students who wish to take up this sport as their career option and others who wish to learn the sport for safety and fitness reasons. Wish to be a part of swimming schools set up for children, so that I can train and groom interested students for international level championships.

Career Summary:

I am presently associated with St. Lara Hill Foundation's High School, wherein I work as a Swimming Instructor. Swimming is taught as an extracurricular activity in the school and students enroll themselves in different batches conducted post school hours. Prior to this, I worked as a Swimming Coach with Markus Mike Swimming Center, wherein I taught swimming to the new learners. I was also responsible for the safety of children or adults swimming at the swimming center.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Excellent swimmer and state level swimming champion
  • Excellent in playing swimming sports and training students for state, national, or international level championships
  • Good at mentoring, motivating, and guiding students. Expertise in boosting the morale of students and developing the required confidence in them to participate in different competitions
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Thorough with the requirements and challenges of different swimming championship and sport events such as Olympics and possesses the required skills in training students accordingly
  • Thorough with the safety and precautionary measures to be taken while swimming
  • Thorough with the requirements for one to qualify in such competitions and train students accordingly

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Lara Hill Foundation's High School, Hartford, CT (2012-till date)
Designation: Swimming Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD) – Sports of the school
  • Train students in swimming
  • Conduct 3 batches regularly after school
  • Select potential students and train them for different swimming championships and competitions
  • Help students to complete the registration and documentation procedures to enroll for different championships and competitions
  • Ensure that the required safety and precautionary measures are taken by students while in the pool
  • Train students for participating in competitions and championships in different swimming combats, monitor their timing and speed, and motivate them to excel
  • Monitor the health, diet, and schedule of students participating in competitions and give special attention to their practice
  • Accompany students in their events
  • Make sure that their studies are not affected and study hours do not clash with practice hours

Previous Work Experience:

A] Markus Mike Swimming Center, Hartford, CT (2010-2012)
Designation: Swimming Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Chief Coach
  • Train students aged between 8-16 years in swimming
  • Make sure that proper safety and precautionary measures are followed while swimming
  • Train students in swimming combats and help them to prepare for swimming championships
  • Ensure that students participating in different championships follow a proper schedule pertaining to diet, practice routine, etc.


  • Certified Swimming Trainer from Waukegan Sports Institute, Waukegan, Illinois - 2010
  • High School Diploma from JJ High School, Waukegan, Illinois, Grade B - 2009
  • Pursuing Diploma in Sports Management, Waukegan Sports Diploma Institute, Waukegan, Illinois


  • Won Gold Medal in State Level Swimming Championship organized by Joanne White Foundation
  • Participated and won many swimming competitions during school days


Tiara P. Roberts - Principal, St. Lara Hill Foundation's High School
12th Sunshine Green Blvd.,
North West Street,
Hartford, Ct - 75058

Shank J White - Chief Coach, Markus Mike Swimming Center
Mt. View Green Blvd.,
Duncan White Street,
Hartford, CT - 75059


Jones T. Jack

The swimming teacher resume sample presented herewith puts forth the candidate's expertise in swimming and helps him to convince the employer of his candidature. In this situation, one can send attested copies of his certificates won during different competitions to further strengthen the candidature. If the resume succeeds in convincing the employer of the candidature then the candidate might have to give a practical test, wherein his swimming skills will be tested. Draft a winning resume and make sure that you are prepared to justify your skills and expertise when asked for. Make sure that your resume succeeds in creating the right impression on the employer such that you get the chance to move ahead and present your expertise to the employer.

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