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Sewing Teacher Resume

A sewing teacher should possess creative ideas. To teach the basic skills of sewing to students and about the fine combinations of colors and fabrics, the teacher has to incorporate creative ideas in respect of decorating linens, mattresses, clothes, and other ready-made dresses, especially for children.

Mostly, the sewing teachers teach in vocational schools at the post secondary level. The sewing teacher has to observe the performance of students, evaluate their progress in the work, and provide suggestions for improvement. The teacher has to participate in training conferences and seminars and should know the developments of the field for the development of the students' talents.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the training, the teacher has to evaluate the students' performances by organizing oral, written, and performance tests at frequent intervals. The teacher has the responsibility to maintain records of the grades of students as well as their attendance and training details.

Apart from the lectures and discussions presented by the sewing teachers on the subject for the benefit of students, arrangements for special lectures by the experts is essential in the field of sewing technique and design teaching. The sewing teacher is in charge of selecting appropriate books, materials, supplies, and equipment for the purpose of conducting the training classes.

Johanna J. Allen
2620, Taylor Street
Harrison, NY-10528
Telephone Number: 914-701-9624

Job Objective:

I am dedicated towards my profession and seeking for a sewing teacher position in an established school or institution to prove my skills in designing and sewing and become beneficial to the learners or the institution.

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge of cutting, sewing productions, and handling of all types of sewing equipment
  • Very much familiar with the concepts, definitions, principles, and techniques of vocational and business productions
  • Highly skilled in cutting materials according to the defined patterns and designs and can operate any sewing machine
  • Ability to handle different accessories of a sewing machine to produce fabrics by following the assorted stitching patterns
  • Expert in taking accurate measurements of both males and females and stitch dresses according to the measurements taken to create the most fitting dresses for the customers
  • Thorough with sewing manual instructions and likes to read relevant books to develop the sewing skills
  • Good knowledge of colors, textures, and color combinations in respect of different fabrics
  • If a deadline is given to a customer for returning the completed products, possesses the capability to adhere to the time limit and never make the customer wait

Professional Experience:

Working in a fashion designing institute of Texas since the beginning of the year 2012 till date.

Responsibilities Held:

  • Teach students about sewing and designing
  • Take the responsibility of preparing lesson plans for the class pertaining to designing, painting, stitching, and other tailoring arts
  • Teach different sewing techniques by actually demonstrating the utilization of several types of sewing machines
  • Develop a good rapport with the leading dress makers and tailors to learn the latest sewing techniques and teach them to students in the class
  • Demonstrate expertise in needle work and teach students the different types of combinations of colors and textures

In addition to the above employment, worked as a sewing teacher in Immaculate Heart of Mary's Fashion Design Institute from January, 2009 to December, 2011. Apart from the above, runs a tailoring shop and have employed five sewing experts. Also, works in the shop as a part time tailor.

Educational Qualification and Certificates:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Fine Arts College of Texas
  • Certified Vocational Trainer from an approved design institute of Texas


The required references will be furnished on request.

Necessity of a Resume:

Even if you are a self employed sewing teacher, you have to keep ready a "sewing teacher resume" with up to date information incorporated in it. This is because your talents and skills should not be restricted to a single place, but you must come forward to teach the art of sewing to the aspiring students who are interested in learning. There are plenty of opportunities to work as a full time sewing teacher or on a part time basis, so that your business is not affected. It may be noted that most of the sewing experts do not have the opportunity to run their own businesses.

The importance of a sewing teacher resume lies in the fact that it can get you the position of a sewing teacher to train more students in this field. You have to mention your skills, experience, and talents while explaining the profile details in your sewing teacher resume in an attempt to attract the attention of the recruiters.

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