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School Administrator or Principal Resume

A school administrator or school principal is the highest authority who governs a school. The staff of a school reports to the principal and is required to follow his instructions. The principal not only monitors the school staff, but also plays a key role in formulating the teaching practices, rules, regulations, etc., of the school such that the students get a capable learning environment, which ensures their all-round development. He is a person to whom others look up and is solely responsible for formulating and implementing various policies of the school.

To work as a principal or school administrator, one has to be highly qualified and experienced. A school administrator or principal resume sample will help you to understand the caliber and expertise required to qualify for this job position.

Judith T. Pipe
10th Red Wine Layman Street
Waukegan, IL 60012
Phone: 885-759-5526

Career Objective:

Wish to use my expertise developed over a span of 18 years in the field of education to help make a better school and carve a niche of a learning system, which not just imparts bookish knowledge to students, but also trains them to become successful individuals in life.

Career Summary:

My total work experience of 18 years and relevant of 3 years makes me a perfect choice to qualify for the said position. Having worked as a teacher, mentor, and principal in my career span, I have developed thorough expertise in handling different job roles and responsibilities related to schooling and education. My expertise developed over the years helps me do full justice to my present job role of a Principal with Lady Montanna's High School. Having worked at core teaching positions, I possess thorough knowledge of the difficulties and shortcomings related to the same and am well-acquainted with the improvements that need to be made to make the learning system strong and fruitful.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

Management and Planning Skills -

  • Expertise in managing the school and its staffs, formulating policies and procedures, and maintaining discipline and decorum in the school
  • Well-acquainted with the benefits and shortcomings of the education system, teaching practices, syllabus, etc., and possess expertise in improvising the same

Niche Skills -

  • Excellent teaching and mentoring skills
  • Expertise in planning teaching techniques, course materials, etc., in a way that the classroom sessions not just focus on the theoretical knowledge, but on the all-round development of students
  • Expertise in guiding, mentoring, and motivating students to achieve their goals in life
  • Expertise in English and math with unmatched excellence in the same
  • Expertise in the training and evaluation of students in a way that they get ready for the competition of the outer world rather than just being a geek
  • Keen interest in English literature and a member of TVS English Theater Group
  • Exceptionally good in time management
  • Self motivated and highly enthusiastic attitude, which makes a perfect mentor

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Lady Montanna's High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2011-till date)
Designation: Principal
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the trustees of the school
  • Recruit, monitor, and handle the staff of the school
  • Take the responsibility of managing the attendance rate, discipline, annual grade results, etc., of the school and continuously work towards improvising the same
  • Handle the overall grading and ranking of the school and work towards improving the same
  • Ensure that the teaching practices adopted in the school prove highly beneficial to students
  • Make sure that students get the required mentoring and guidance from teachers, access to all facilities, all sorts of books, and reference materials, and the required exposure to showcase their talents and skills
  • Conduct regular meetings with the school faculty and students' parents to ensure that there is transparency in communication and two way communication and that everybody get a chance to put forth their point
  • Represent the school in different conferences
  • Assist the auditors during school audits

Previous Work Experience:

A] St. Flemings High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2006-2011)
Designation: Assistant Principal
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Principal
  • Accompany the Principal in school meetings and conferences
  • Implement the rules and policies implemented by the Principal
  • Assist teachers in carrying out the instructions of the Principal
  • Ensure that the school meets the standards set by the governing authorities pertaining to education, discipline, facilities, etc., of the school
  • Assist the Principal in formulating policies and strategies to improvise the learning system of the school
  • Assist the Principal in monitoring the school and maintaining discipline and decorum at all times

B] St. Xaviera High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2001-2006)
Designation: Sr. Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct English and math sessions for grades VII, IX, and X
  • Draft class test papers and exam papers for thorough evaluation of students
  • Assist students for various competitions, plays, etc., motivate and provide them the required assistance
  • Help students, clarify their doubts, train them to do well during exams, and provide the required feedback at regular intervals to help them improve

C] Lady Martina Elementary and High School, Waukegan, Illinois (1996-2001)
Designation: Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked as a teacher for the elementary school for the first two years
  • Moved on to conduct sessions for the high school
  • Taught English and math to students
  • Assigned homework, conducted class tests, evaluated test papers, and provided grades and feedback to students
  • Provided special guidance to students who need more assistance
  • Helped students to understand the evaluation pattern such that they could perform accordingly


  • Ph.D in English Literature from Lady Joanna Arts University, Waukegan, Illinois - 1996
  • Master of Education, Mount Litera University, Waukegan, Illinois - 1994
  • Bachelor of Arts with Dual Honors in Math and English, Mount Litera University, Waukegan, Illinois - 1992


Jeff P. Roberts - Principal, St. Flemings High School
12th Christ Shine Blvd.,
South West Street,
Waukegan, Illinois - 60014


Judith T. Pipe

The school administrator or principal resume sample provided above gives us an idea of the experience and expertise required for one to qualify for the said position. It also portrays the resume format which skillfully presents all the required information, making the resume crisp, precise, and more effective. Refer to the same and make use of the format to draft a resume that puts forth your best. Including sections such as rewards and achievements, extracurricular activities, etc., will also help to make your candidature more effective. Draft a winning resume and make the right move towards a winning career.

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