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Retired Teacher Resume

Teachers working with schools work up to a certain age limit after which, they have to retire as per the rules and regulations of the government. However, it is not necessary that after retirement, one cannot work. If one is healthy and wishes to work, he can bag in different opportunities available for retired teachers.

Retired teachers have an experience of at least 25-30 years, which is highly valuable. The expertise developed over the years does not go in vain just because one has to retire. Even after retirement, one can work in the same field or even choose to operate in a different field. Usually, retired teachers opt for working as a tutor.

While working as a tutor, one can stick to his field yet avoid the hectic schedule associated with the same. When one works as a tutor, he can decide upon a number of tuitions or classes he wishes to conduct in a day, including the number of work hours and charge a specific fee accordingly. Besides working as a tutor, retired teachers can work at department stores, banks, etc., as staff and perform the required duties. In this case, the field does not remain the same, but retired individuals who need money or just wish to work can opt for these professions.

A retired teacher resume sample will help a retired teacher to apply for such posts, most importantly the post of a tutor. People prefer retired teachers for the post of tutor because they can work with complete dedication, as they do not have to report to any school and the students can also benefit from their experience and expertise. To strengthen his candidature for the said post, the candidate needs to draft a resume which successfully puts forth his job application.

Drafting good, winning resumes is not a child's play. One must know what information should be included in it such that it clears the resume screening round. The employers do not have more than 25 seconds to decide whether a resume should be taken forward to next level or dumped. Thus, the resume should systematically present all the required information in a way that the employers get to know everything about you at a single glance.

Harry T. Pipe
14th Blue Cross South Street
Waukegan, IL 60082
Phone: 847-757-5416

Career Objective:

Willing to use my professional expertise developed over a span of 25 years to help students benefit from the same and excel at their academics. Willing to work as a personal tutor to students who need extra guidance and support to excel in their academics. Also, willing to accept challenging job roles.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 25 years, I have developed the skills and expertise of a perfect teacher, trainer, and tutor. I am well acquainted with the learning abilities, problems, exam patterns, evaluation patterns, etc., of students and capable of training students accordingly. I possess the required expertise to train students in a way that they present their knowledge precisely and correctly, helping them to score well in their exams. I also believe in adopting a learning approach rather than studying just for scoring attractive grades to help students benefit from whatever they have learned.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent teaching and coordination skills
  • Excellent note-taking skills
  • Expertise in training students in using various reference books to make notes, projects, etc., and complete assignments
  • Good communication and explanation skills
  • Thorough with the exam and evaluation procedures, which help in training students accordingly
  • Well acquainted with the academic requirements and syllabus segregation
  • Expertise in developing a teaching approach based on the learning and grasping ability of students
  • Expertise in training students for doing well in exams by drafting test papers, conducting tests, evaluating, and providing feedback to them such that they are well prepared for the final evaluation

Professional Experience:

Last Employer: St. Lawrence High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2002- 2014)
Designation: Sr. Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Principal
  • Conduct sessions for students of grades X, XI, and XII
  • Teach English and math to students
  • Draft test papers for class tests and internal exams and conduct tests regularly
  • Evaluate test papers, assignments, and projects and provide feedback to students
  • Monitor the class during term end exams and ensure that students do not cheat or indulge in any other malpractices

Previous Work Experience:

A] St. Florence High School, Waukegan, Illinois (1997-2002)
Designation: Sr. Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct sessions for students of grades VIII and IX
  • Teach English and math subjects
  • Train students for school English dramas and inter-school competitions
  • Conduct regular class tests and assign students with homework, evaluate the same regularly, and provide the required feedback to students

B] St. Bishops High School, Waukegan, Illinois (1993-1997)
Designation: Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct sessions for students of grades VII, VII, and IX
  • Conduct sessions for English and math
  • Conduct revisions and class tests, assign homework, and evaluate students for their performance and progress
  • Help students to prepare for exams and develop a learning approach to studies rather than just studying for getting good grades

C] Leonardo DA Vinci High School, Waukegan, Illinois (1989-1993)
Designation: Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct English and math sessions for grades VII and VIII
  • Assign students with proper homework to evaluate and train them for various exams
  • Check their homework and assignments and provide the required feedback to students
  • Meet the students' parents on a regular basis and update them about their child's progress


  • Master of Arts with Honors in English and Math - 1989
  • Master of Education - 1989 (distance learning)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and Math - 1987


Available on prior request.


Harry T. Pipe

This retired teacher resume sample skillfully presents the candidate's expertise developed over a span of 25 years and equips him to apply for job opportunities such as that of a home tutor. Similarly, you, too, can apply for similar posts and work even after your retirement.

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