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Political Science Teacher Resume

A resume is a snapshot of your professional experience and work related skill sets. You need to bring together the information in an organized and structured way. If you wish to get a positive result out of the resume you have just sent across, it is necessary to have a proper planning to start with. Starting the writing process without understanding the fundamentals of resume writing will lead to failure. This political science teacher resume example brings into light a handful of effective tips and strategies that one can apply to generate a winning resume. You are free to pick up this example as a guideline towards writing a resume that works in the most desirable manner.

Political science teacher is engaged in teaching social science that takes political affairs, political systems, and political behavior into account. One can teach this subject in schools of arts or educational institutes that cover the social science subject. The job profile is to educate students on the fundamental concepts of political science.

The roles and responsibilities of a political science teacher include providing education on political affairs and systems at national and international level, preparing lesson plans, educating students on the forms of government, performing students' knowledge assessment by conducting class tests, improving weak areas of students, selecting appropriate teaching materials to make learning effective, preparing and maintaining students' progress reports, conducting meetings with parents, monitoring and observing students' knowledge in the subject, planning activities to make teaching-learning process effective, making necessary plans to make the students' learning process innovative and interesting, and maintaining students' attendance records.

One should obtain a bachelor's degree in arts with a major in political science to obtain the position of a political science teacher. The role demands good knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of the subject. It is necessary to have good teaching, interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills to have a successful career as a political science teacher.

Mathew Sutton
908 Berry Sans Rd, Treete River, New Jersey
Phone: 143-098-1111

Career Profile:

Skilled, professional, and experienced teacher with hands-on experience in teaching the political science subject. Seeking a position as a political science teacher in an established educational institute.

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the political science subject including theories and concepts
  • In-depth knowledge of lesson planning and identifying appropriate teaching materials
  • Extensive knowledge of developing and planning educational curriculums
  • Excellent teaching and communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, management, and multitasking skills

Work Experience

Organization: Angel School, New Jersey
Duration: January 2012 till date
Designation: Political Science Teacher

  • Take the responsibility of preparing lesson plans for the political science subject that includes political forms and types of government
  • Handle the task of planning learning activities to generate quality learning activities
  • Shoulder the responsibility of conducting tests to evaluate students' knowledge in the subject
  • Perform the task of monitoring the students' performance and preparing their progress reports
  • Perform the job of organizing meetings with parents to update the students' academic performance status
  • Execute the task of selecting appropriate teaching materials and methodologies to make teaching-learning an effective process

Organization: Saint Thoms School, New Jersey
Duration: May 2010 to March 2012
Designation: Junior Teacher

  • Handled the responsibility of assisting the senior teachers in lesson planning and developing relevant teaching materials
  • Executed the task of conducting students' knowledge assessment by conducting class tests
  • Performed the job of maintaining student attendance reports and progress reports
  • Handled the responsibility of introducing strategies to make students' learning process innovative and interesting
  • Performed other essential job related tasks as required

Educational Summary

Bachelor's Degree in Arts in Political Science, 2010
Arts College, New Jersey


Will be pleased to provide upon request

As a marketing document, a resume should act as a self promotional tool. One common mistake which applicants generally make is listing down the information in an unorganized way. This has to be avoided to give a professional look to the resume. The above resume example illustrates all the sections required in building an effective and appealing resume.

Get every idea you need to know in writing a resume that pleases the attention of the recruiter at the first glance. You can start writing your resume by following the simple and effective guidelines provided in the page.

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