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Philosophy Teacher Resume

A philosophy teacher resume is written by a teacher to apply for a lecturer's post in a college or university. Philosophy is taught as a part of higher level education in colleges. Such subjects, as this one, are taught in arts and literature courses starting from the graduation level. The master's degree programs related to philosophy are for a more dedicated kind of students who want to learn more than what an average Joe would come to know about life and human beings in his entire lifetime. Such courses are not at all for all people.

One who takes up such a course in philosophy knows in his heart that he thinks differently of the world outside. Great philosophers such as Albert Camu, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Nietzsche, etc., have a lot to teach if one reads their books and goes thoroughly through their work. It is hard to get what they write for an average Joe. But, only a heart filled with love and soul manifested with dedication can understand, by reading their work, what these gentlemen mean and how their words and phrases still resonate through the ways of the world.

A teacher teaching any subject needs to be properly educated in that subject and must have a practicing license from the relevant education board in the US. The requirements or qualifications for such a job varies (but not too much) from state to state in the US. One needs a bachelor's degree in the subject to teach it to students along with a practicing license from any of the relevant boards such as National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in the US. Teaching at a higher master's level requires one to have a doctorate degree in the subject of philosophy from any of the recognized universities of the US.

Now, as far as a resume is concerned, only when you are fully aware how to write and compile it must you go ahead and compose it. But, for learning about how to go about it, you must first go through a few samples. One of such samples is given here in order to help you understand the format and structure of a formal resume. A few important tips to follow while writing it are:

  • Always use a simple language for writing it, as there is no need to use rich vocabulary here
  • Keep it short and to the point. All the information put into it must be relevant to the job at hand. Any other kind of information must be excluded at all times. This will help in keeping a tab on the length of your resume letter
  • Divide the resume into clear sections with distinct headings, so as to group the information suitably under each section. This will provide a sense of clarity in the flow of the resume and impress the recruiter when he sees the precise and planned layout of it

Following is a resume sample for your reference.

Ron Aptrow
11th Moon Valley St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1224


Well learned and richly experienced, I am a faculty of philosophy seeking a dynamic work environment in a leading college, where I can use my skills to dedicatedly teach students and elevate their level of understanding to a new ground.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich teaching experience in philosophy at University of Chicago and New York University
  • Expert in contemporary and modern philosophy
  • Secured the license of teaching from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Doctorate in Contemporary Philosophy and expert in Nietzsche
  • Good track record filled with successful teaching tenures and good results

Skills Summary

  • Excellent at the deconstruction of thoughts and philosophies to give students the basics of the entire argument
  • Excellent communication skills for reaching out to students in the most comprehensible manner
  • Good at teaching by the way of debates in the class and encouraging students to come up with their original thoughts on the given topics
  • Excellent knowledge of existentialism and religion along with Camu's and Nietzsche's views on the same

Work Experience

Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago
Lecturer (2010-Present)

  • Worked as the Head of Department and took the responsibility of handling the related administrative work
  • Conducted classes for the master's degree program students
  • Took charge of registering the dissertation topics of students and evaluating complete reports at the end of the semester
  • Conducted and promoted healthy discussions in the class about various topics under the subject
  • Showed expertise in the philosophical style of writing and teaching students about the nuances involved in that style of writing

New York University
Faculty of Philosophy (2007-2010)

  • Taught students at the graduate level and also perused the doctorate degree alongside
  • Planned and prepared the course breakdown for the entire semester
  • Planned the class frequency according to the course breakdown before the beginning of every semester
  • Organized inter-college debates on topics such as existentialism, love, and modern world and encouraged students to participate in large numbers


  • Licensed Teacher from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2007
  • Doctorate Degree in Contemporary Philosophy from University of Chicago, 2006
  • MA in Philosophy from University of Chicago, 2004
  • BA in Philosophy from University of Chicago, 2002

This is how a philosophy teacher resume is written and complied according to the required standards. Follow all the rules given in the introduction part of this article and all the best for your endeavors.

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