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Music Teacher Resume

Music is a part of our lives. Each of us like some kind of music and listen to it as and when we get time. There are many musical schools which provide training in singing and instrumental music. Besides these dedicated music schools, other schools also appoint music teachers who teach music to students as an extracurricular activity.

Schools usually allot 2-3 hours a week for musical sessions in which students are taught music, which helps them to relieve their stress and at the same time, get to learn the art of music. Music teachers thus, work with schools, music schools, etc., or set up their own music schools. However, if they do not have the required capital, they work as private tutors, wherein they can go and teach music to students at their homes.

The scope for this job profile is thus, quite vast. Just as any other job profile, a candidate needs a resume to apply for the said position. A well-written music teacher resume sample will help the interested candidates to draft a resume, which not only presents a summary of their academic and work profile, but also presents their candidature effectively. Accumulating some more information on the said job role will help you to prepare for the same.

Job Role of a Music Teacher:

While applying for the said job, one must know the age group of the students he would be teaching to. For example, a general music teacher or an elementary music teacher will have to teach music to children aged between 4-13 years. In this case, the teacher will have to train the students right from the basics of music and probably will not have to go up to higher/advanced levels. The course curriculum will be very basic such that the students master the basics before moving ahead.

Alternatively, a high school music teacher will deal with grown up adults and accordingly, the syllabus changes. Similarly, professional bands learning music will have different requirements. Thus, a music teacher is generally chosen based on his capabilities and knowledge with reference to the requirements of students.

The music teacher resume sample given here will help one to understand the format of a professional resume for the said post.

Joan L. Arnold
4804 Butternut Lane
Centralia, IL 62801
Phone: 6718-553-2122

Career Objective:

Looking forward to work with some of the renowned music and professional band training institutes of Illinois. Willing to work as a trainer and mentor to a specific band or group and wish to support them through all contests, competitions, auditions, etc.

Career Summary:

A total work experience of 12 years in music and relevant experience of 3 years, I believe that I possess the expertise to work with professional bands or music institutes who train students wishing to work as musicians or singers. Having been a part of the industry for 9 years, I have worked with many different composers, musicians, and bands. I am also a part of the successful Blue Mantra Band. Initially, I played in the band, but now, I train the new entrants of the band. I am presently working with Melodious Whispers Music School for Children, Centralia, Illinois as a Music Instructor.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in singing and playing musical instruments such as guitar, drums, and piano
  • Well acquainted with music composition
  • Good at writing lyrics and composing music for the same
  • Excellent stage performer
  • Expertise in training students as per their abilities, interests, etc.
  • Also, excel at analyzing the potential in students and training and motivating them to excel in music

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Melodious Whispers Music School for Children, Centralia, Illinois (2011-till date)
Designation: Music Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct training sessions for students
  • Teach basic western music notations to students
  • Train students in playing different musical instruments
  • Conduct auditions and select students for participation in concerts and competitions
  • Select students for the school musical band
  • Conduct exams and grade students based on their performance in the same

Blue Mantra Band: (2010-Present)

  • Train the new entrants in the band
  • Initially, gave many performances with the band

Previous Work Experience

Prior to working as a Music Instructor, I worked with many renowned bands such as JAL Musical Soul, Emmy's Part Knights, Sufi to Rock, and Gospel Music.


  • Master's Degree in Music Education, Centralia University of Arts, Centralia, Illinois - 2005


Ben K. Peters - Melodious Whispers Music School for Children, Centralia, Illinois
Joy Park Drive Street
Centralia, IL 62803
Ph: 668-128-8024

Lina P. Mike - Emmy's Part Knights, Band Coordinator
101 Lake View Lane
Centralia, IL 62806
Ph: 668-215-2214


Joan L. Arnold

A music instructor is, thus, judged by his expertise in the field of music. Although, a degree in music is a must for working at the said position, one cannot ignore the fact that experience is of utmost importance. One can train others only when he has had a considerable experience in singing or playing instruments. Make sure that your resume puts forth this information effectively. Mention about various shows that you have performed, various bands you have worked with, etc., such that your skills can be judged. After all, action speaks louder than words. Go ahead and draft a resume that helps you to win a job opportunity.

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