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Meditation Teacher Resume

Stress is the biggest cause of most of our problems. It affects our physical and mental health to a great extent. It deteriorates the cell reproduction activity, giving way to many health problems. Whenever we consult a doctor for ways of getting rid of stress, we are told that meditation is the best solution to it. It helps us to get relieved of our stress and strengthen our internal system. A meditation teacher or instructor, thus helps people to learn the art of meditation and work towards improving their mental health or eradicating the internal fatigue, which in turn, improvises their physical health. A meditation teacher resume sample caters to the requirements of a candidate who is willing to work at the said position. Usually, this instructor is an expert in teaching yoga and meditation, who helps his students to incorporate both the aspects in their lives to live a healthy life.

Meditation is a state of mind where one disconnects himself completely from the outer world. One begins to concentrate on his breath and slowly tries to connect with the ultimate power. Controlling the breath and stopping one's self from outer distractions is the basic requirement of meditation. While meditating, we overcome the stress and fatigue caused due to a routine hectic schedule. We try to make our minds and souls peaceful and free from all external disturbances. This internal peace is of utmost importance for a healthy body.

A meditation teacher need not be highly acquainted with different postures of yoga, but definitely be aware of some basic postures such as Surya Namaskar. With increasing stress and growing need to free one's body and mind from daily fatigue, the demand for yoga and mediation retreats is increasing, which in turn, is increasing the demand for instructors.

Sara F. Jones
11th Holy Peace Dawn Street
Thompson, IA 55124
Phone: 512-484-2122

Career Objective:

Looking for suitable opportunities in Iowa and Illinois, wherein I get to work with renowned meditation and yoga retreats. I also wish to work for health and meditation camps organized in schools and rehabs.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 3 years in the said field, I have developed the required expertise in training and imparting the skills related to meditation to aspiring learners who wish to incorporate the same in their lives. Presently, working with Blue Feather Meditation Retreat and Ayurvedic Spa, Thompson, Iowa as a core Meditation Instructor. Prior to this, I worked with Lady Diana Elementary School, wherein I taught meditation and basic yoga postures to school students.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in meditation and providing training in the same
  • Well acquainted with the planning of diets and workout routine for trainees
  • Well acquainted with the basic yoga postures
  • Expertise with the deliverance of mantras and sound chants required during meditation
  • Expertise in planning a routine for individual trainees based on their stress levels and helping them to relieve the same

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Blue Feather Meditation Retreat and Ayurvedic Spa, Thompson, Iowa (2012-till date)
Designation: Meditation Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct meditation sessions for trainees
  • Make sure that the meditation room is clean and peaceful
  • Get the arrangements done by the housekeeping staff in the meditation room before a session begins
  • Create a calm and soothing environment for the members of the retreat
  • Explain them the benefits of meditation, breathing techniques, etc.
  • Chant mantras while meditation and explain the members the benefit of mantra chants in meditation

Previous Work Experience

A] Lady Diana Elementary School (2011-2012)
Designation: Meditation and Yoga Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct yoga and meditation sessions for students
  • Teach basic yoga postures to students and explain them the benefit of yoga and meditation
  • Train selected group of students in advanced yoga and meditation and help them to prepare for competitions
  • Make sure that students are equipped with the required meditation and yoga gear
  • Drive students for meditation and yoga camps
  • Conduct vacation batches for interested students


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - English Literature, St. Xavier Francis University of Arts, Thompson, Iowa - 2010
  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher from Yoga Guru Krishna's Yoga Academy - 2011


Ben K. Peters - Lady Diana Elementary School, HOD English
1032 Blue Downtown Cross Street
Thompson, IA 56849
Ph: 558-458-8024

Tina P. Mike - Blue Feather Meditation Retreat and Ayurvedic Spa
23rd South Book Store Lane
Thompson, IA 55848
Ph: 568-552-2214

Sara F. Jones

A meditation teacher resume sample will cater to the requirements of an individual willing to work as a meditation instructor or yoga and meditation teacher. One does not need to possess any specific degree, but being a certified yoga or meditation trainer is a must for this position. Putting forth one's abilities, expertise, and skills pertaining to the same in the resume is essential. Your resume interacts with the employer even before you get a chance to prove your potential in the interview rounds. In fact, your candidature is approved or disapproved based on your resume. Any goof up with it might lead to the rejection of your candidature.

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