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Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume

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Long term substitute teacher is a teaching professional who is hired for the purpose of educating/imparting knowledge to students on a long term basis. This teacher is generally hired when the assigned teacher for the subject goes on a long leave. There is a possibility of getting appointed on a permanent basis based on the performance.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a long term substitute teacher include providing instructions in the subject areas, developing and implementing effective lesson plans, assigning homework to students, developing effective teaching and learning environments, controlling and supervising students' activities in the classroom, preparing student progress charts, updating improvement areas of students to parents, organizing events, providing students in the learning process, organizing and attending staff meetings, assisting the school staff in planning the rules and regulations, suggesting classroom behavior rules and regulations, developing appropriate instructional materials, defining curriculum goals and objectives, organizing parent meetings, and attending staff meetings.

Long term substitute teachers should obtain a bachelor's degree in education. The job demands extensive knowledge of lesson planning, educational instructions and guidelines, teaching techniques, and classroom management. It is required to possess excellent teaching, communication, monitoring, and management skills.

Mary Jhones
8920 Raton Road, Ohio
Phone: (123)-432-8712

Career Objective:

To assist students in learning activities by planning standard educational curriculums by working as a long term substitute teacher in an established organization.

Core Competencies:

  • Diverse knowledge of teaching methodologies, lesson planning, and development of school curriculums
  • In-depth knowledge of educational instructions and guidelines as well as educational policies and objectives
  • Skilled in developing and maintaining an effective teaching and learning environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively with excellent monitoring skills
  • Effective teaching, management, and monitoring skills
Work Experience:

Organization: Anthony School, Ohio
Duration: July 2012 till date
Designation: Ling Term Substitute Teacher

  • Planning and designing a teaching curriculum that meets the teaching goals and objectives
  • Performing the teaching activities by following the school standards and principles
  • Coordinating with the teaching staff in preparing teaching materials
  • Assigning homework to students to evaluate their learning capabilities
  • Assisting the school staff in planning the rules and regulations as well as organizing staff and parent meetings
  • Developing appropriate instructional materials to achieve the educational program objectives

Organization: Little Rose, Ohio
Duration: July 2010 to June 2012
Designation: Teacher

  • Developed an effective classroom environment to achieve the educational goals of the school
  • Monitored the students' learning capabilities by conducting classes as well as annual tests
  • Prepared the students' progress reports and updated them to parents and the School Head Mistress
  • Maintained an effective learning environment by developing effective lesson plans
  • Provided educational instructions to students on an individual level
  • Monitored the students' performance as well as developed a continuous learning environment

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Education
Ohio University, Ohio, 2010

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