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Law Enforcement Teacher Resume

Lawyers are found in every part of the world. Every city, town, state, etc., needs lawyers. Thus, many opt for this subject. Students study law and pursue a major in different streams such as criminal law, civil law, etc. A teacher teaching law not only has to be thorough with different penal codes, constitutions, etc., but also have to stay updated with different trending cases of the state or country. They can use these cases as examples or case studies to help students understand different sections of law. These cases can also be used as case studies to help students brainstorm and think over different perspectives of the case.

A law enforcement teacher is a professional who teaches law enforcement, various sections pertaining to it, etc., in law schools. A law enforcement teacher must comply with the above given requirements along with the requirement of effective communication and presentation skills. Only a degree with good grades will not suffice. To work as a law enforcement teacher, one must possess the required skills and abilities. He must be capable of handling a class of law students and teaching the subject to them in an effective manner. It is different from normal school teaching because students studying law are quite grown up and matured and the teacher needs to develop a teaching approach that matches their requirements.

The law enforcement teacher resume sample given below will help an aspiring candidate to apply for the said position and work as a teacher in law schools.

Danny L. Houston
3289 park Boulevard Drive
Thompson, IA 50478
Phone: 641-584-2415

Career Objective:

Having practiced law for 6 years and worked as a faculty of law for two years, I am looking forward to similar opportunities with law schools wherein I get to use my expertise, teaching skills, and knowledge to help budding lawyers excel in the subject and develop the right approach towards law enforcement and protecting the rights of the citizens.

Career Summary:

Presently working with Kim Klara's Law School, Thompson, IA. After practicing law for six years with Aim Law Firms, one of the renowned law firms of Thompson, I moved to teaching and started working as a faculty with Kim Klara's Law School, Thompson, Iowa in the year 2012. Experience gained through practicing law helps me a great deal in teaching the subject to the students and giving them live examples, taking references of the cases handled by me or my colleagues during my practice years.

Summary of Skills:

  • Hands-on experience in handling various cases of law
  • Thorough with different sections and codes of law and their importance, description, etc.
  • Well acquainted with civil law and criminal law and possess operational knowledge pertaining to the same
  • Thorough with the training requirements of students
  • Well-acquainted with the syllabus and evaluation procedures
  • Expertise in using live examples, cases, etc., to help students understand different sections of law and their enforcement
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good listener
  • Cooperative and friendly attitude to help create a friendly learning environment in the classroom

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Kim Klara's Law School, Thompson, Iowa (2012-till date)
Designation: Law Enforcement Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Head of Department
  • Conduct sessions on civil laws enforcement
  • Develop class notes and reference materials to help students easily memorize the sections and codes
  • Make use of presentations to make sessions interactive and interesting
  • Promote students' participation by assigning them cases studies and asking them to present the same in the class with reference to the sections applied to them, strategy, possible outcomes, etc.
  • Assign assignments to students and collect and evaluate the same
  • Draft test papers and mid term exam papers
  • Monitor class tests and exams and evaluate the test papers. Based on the evaluation, provide feedback to students
  • Motivate students to follow the trending cases, study complex cases from the past, etc., to help them understand the course better

Previous Work Experience

A] Aim Law Firms (2006-2012)
Designation: Lawyer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Reported to Advocate J. H. Flight
  • Studied the cases of clients
  • Analyzed the cases with reference to various sections
  • Helped the senior lawyers to prepare for court hearings
  • Studied any relevant reports, evidences, etc., carefully and made conclusions based on the same
  • Appeared for court hearings and defended the clients


Won 10 out 14 cases handled independently.


  • Master's Degree in Legal Studies, St. Joseph's University, Thompson, Iowa - 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies, St. Joseph's University, Thompson, Iowa - 2004


Advocate J.H. Flight - Advocate, Aim Law Firms
24th Business Street Center
Thompson, IA 50474
Ph: 547-221-1052

Shelly S. Brooke - Kim Klara's Law School
105 School City Drive
Thompson, IA 50578
Ph: 554-209-2214


Danny L. Houston

A well-written law enforcement teacher resume will help a lawyer or fresh candidate to apply for a faculty position in any law school. The school authorities will, however, prefer an experienced candidate who has considerable experience and handled a couple of cases independently. This makes him perfect for the position rather than someone who has not had any hands-on experience in a law court.

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