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Latin Teacher Resume

Latin, an Italian language, was originally spoken in Ancient Rome and Latium. Today, the language is more or less extinct. However, there are many great scholars, language lovers, and ambitious students who study this language along with its literature.

Works of famous Latin writers have been published by Harvard University Press, Oxford University Press, etc. Latin has a great influence in the formation of the English language. Many words of the English language have been derived from Latin and Greek words. Although, this language does not have a wide commercial use, it is still studied and loved by many and thus, the people seek guidance and training from Latin language teachers. While working as a language teacher, the person must posses profound excellence in the language – both written and spoken aspects and should be well-acquainted with other local or commercial languages. For example, a Latin teacher must excel at Latin and should know any other language such as English, so that he can easily communicate with students and help them to understand the language. If not then someone novel to Latin will not be able to understand a single word.

The sample of Latin teacher resume presented herewith preceded by a brief introduction on the requirements to qualify for the position will help in understanding the job roles of a Latin language teacher.

Basic requirements for one to qualify as a Latin instructor:

  • Unmatched expertise in the Latin language – both written as well as spoken
  • Creative bent of mind to make teaching sessions interactive and interesting
  • Acquaintance with a local language (regional or commercial)
  • Strong hold over vocabulary and articulation

Paul F. Shegger
Oak View Downtown Lane
Athens, IL 60732
Phone: 882-482-4488

Career Objective:

With a thorough expertise and excellence in Latin communication developed over a span of 4 years, I am looking for suitable job opportunities in the field of teaching or business interpretation. I wish to work as a Latin Teacher or Instructor.

Career Summary:

Having worked in the field of Latin language training and instructing since the past four years, I am currently employed with Latin Language Training Institute, wherein I am appointed as a Latin Instructor. As an instructor, I am responsible for training students in Latin language communication. I am solely responsible for monitoring the syllabus and evaluation procedures for the students of the institute and help them with a number of practical activities to understand the language better. Prior to this, I worked as a Latin Language Trainer with FMC Global Language Training Institute, wherein my core role was written Latin communication training.

Summary of Skills:

  • Proven ability of handling a class of students independently and developing the right training approach
  • Well-acquainted with the commercial usage of the Latin language
  • Well-acquainted with Latin literature, dramas, and poetry
  • Experienced in working with students aged from 8 to 38 years
  • Expertise in developing course materials according to the requirements of the batch and their aptitude
  • Expertise in evaluation and feedback procedures
  • Excellence in spoken and written communication in English and proficiency in spoken Spanish

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Latin Language Training Institute, Athens, Illinois (2012-till date)
Designation: Latin Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Train students in oral and written Latin communication
  • Devise a proper training approach, course materials, reference materials, notes, audio-visual training materials, etc., to help students understand the language better
  • Help students to come up with ideas such as advertisements in Latin, short Latin drama scripts, etc., which they can enact in the class
  • Organize various competitions such as Latin recitation, debating, story writing, etc., to help students gain expertise in written communication and sentence construction
  • Conduct weekly tests on oral and written communication and evaluate the students' performance
  • Decide further syllabus and course materials based on the progress of students

Previous Work Experience

A] FMC Global Language Training Institute (2010-2012)
Designation: Latin Language Trainer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist students in spoken Latin communication
  • Handle the responsibility of training students in written Latin communication
  • Evaluate test papers and conduct written language tests on a regular basis
  • Help students to gain expertise in written communication – both formal and informal


  • Master of Arts in Foreign Languages with Honors in Latin, Athens Language University, Athens - 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Latin and American English, Athens Language University, Athens - 2008


Available on prior request


Paul F. Shegger

This Latin teacher resume sample will suffice the resume template requirements for the Latin teacher or instructor position. A person willing to take up this job profile can make use of the above given resume sample to get a thorough outline for a professional resume and put forth his candidature for the same.

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