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Kindergarten Teacher Resume

Teaching grown up kids is a challenging task, but teaching young children, who are probably leaving their parents for the first time, is a tedious task. A kindergarten teacher, also known as a kinder care teacher or Montessori teacher, is a teaching professional who teaches young children, probably between the age group of 3 to 8 years.

These teachers not only have to be thorough in their teaching skills, but also be extremely good in parenting skills because they might have to use the same in their classes. They have to be caring and loving and at the same time, also be an individual who inculcates moral values and ethics in children.

At such a young age, the child can be molded as one wants. These teachers, therefore, play an important role in the upbringing of the child. As a kindergarten teacher, a person is expected to be good at teaching, parenting, developing fun and learning activities, etc. She has to be highly patient and take utmost care of the hygiene and safety of students under her provision. The candidates are required to possess certain specific skill sets and qualifications to work at this position.

The kindergarten teacher resume sample given below will help to understand the same further.

Stella F. Zake
1960 Park Lane Drive
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: 783-682-8952

Career Objective:

With a total work experience of 3 years and proven ability of handling a class of around 12 students, I am looking forward to work in a similar role as Kindergarten Teacher and handle higher job responsibilities. I wish to work in an environment which is a perfect mix of learning and fun for children.

Career Summary:

I am currently working with Rosy Flowers Kindergarten, Chicago, Illinois as a Teacher. I work with students aged between 3-8 years of age and handle a class of 12 students independently. I am responsible for developing teaching programs, fun activities, etc., for the class. Prior to this, I worked as a Teacher's Aid with St. Mary's Pupil Kindergarten, Chicago, Illinois, wherein I assisted the teachers in developing course materials, handling the class, taking care of the diet and nutrition of children, etc.

Summary of Skills:

Vocational Skills:

  • Expertise in dealing with children, understanding their requirements, etc.
  • Expertise in imparting education to children in a simple and interesting manner, which makes the learning environment interesting
  • Expertise in devising fun learning activities and course materials such as charts, story boards, etc.
  • Well acquainted with the nutrition needs of children and ability to make sure that the same are fulfilled
  • Assist in developing different teaching techniques and revamping the syllabus
  • Assist in developing various art, craft, music, dancing, and other curricular activity sessions for children
  • Good communication and coordination skills

Characteristic Traits:

  • Fun-loving, caring, patient, and highly enthusiastic
  • Highly enthusiastic towards making the children's upbringing meaningful and full of joy

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Rosy Flowers Kindergarten, Chicago, Illinois (2013-till date)
Designation:Kindergarten Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Principal
  • Conduct learning sessions for children
  • Develop various art, fun, and learning activities to make the teaching sessions fun-filled
  • Develop various team activities to promote team spirit and moral values such as helping and caring for others, etc., in children
  • Take proper care of the students' hygiene, safety, nutrition, etc.
  • Develop course materials such as storyboards, charts, audio video presentations, etc., to make learning more fun-filled
  • Recite poems and stories for children

Previous Work Experience

A] St. Mary's Pupils Kindergarten, Chicago, Illinois (2011-2013)
Designation: Teacher Aid- Kindergarten
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist the teacher in handling the class effectively
  • Take care of the safety and hygiene of the children
  • Make sure that the children eat healthy and nutritious food and discuss the same with their parents
  • Ensure that the children do not get hurt or face any danger while playing in the playground or during any other fun activity held in the class
  • Assist the teacher in using audio visual aids for teaching
  • Assist the teacher in making chart, drawings, or any other required course materials


  • Bachelor of Education from Chicago University of Professional Courses, Chicago, Illinois - 2011


Available on prior request


Stella F. Zake

The kindergarten teacher resume sample given above is a perfect example of a professional resume written for the said position. It provides only the required information with utmost precision and effectiveness to make the candidate's candidature as strong as possible. The above given resume sample can be used as a resume template to draft one's resume for the said position. Go ahead and draft a resume that will help you to get your dream job.

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