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Italian Teacher Resume

Language is one of the important mediums for communication. You are well aware about your native language and the languages you have learned in your school. You would be aware that some of the countries of the world use their native language as the official language (and not English as some of the countries!). A good example of this would be Germany, where the native and official language is German and you would be surprised to know that the people there prefer German over English. So, it is mandatory for you to learn German if you are planning to visit Germany or its neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

In any way, knowing a foreign language is always beneficial. Moreover, after learning a new language, you might end up being a translator, interpreter, or foreign language teacher. If you feel that your knowledge about the language should reach more people then you can definitely become a foreign language teacher. The mandatory condition is: you must qualify a particular level in that language to become certified as a teacher.

Let's have a look at the Italian teacher resume sample. But, before that, let's know something important about the Italian language – Italian is a Romance language (Vulgar Latin derivation).

Here is a sample of Italian teacher resume:

Andrew J. Rumbaugh
90, 2nd Floor
3123 Burke Street
Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 776-632-9091
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as an Italian teacher and create a conducive environment for students to learn the language.

Career Summary:

I have worked for 4 years in State University of Boston, MA as an Assistant Professor (Italian Language) and later as a Professor for Study of Foreign Languages (Italian and German) for 6 years.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master of Arts (Italian Language), State University of Boston, MA
  • Bachelor of Arts (Italian Language), State University of Boston, MA
  • High School Certificate, St. Helena's High School, MA

Work experience:

Institution: State university of Boston,MA
Job Title: Professor for study of Foreign languages(Italian)
Duration: 6 years


  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD) about the weekly lectures conducted
  • Keep a record of the assignments given to students and their deadlines
  • Contact the university head to confirm the examination rules and regulations
  • Teach students the A2 to B2 level of the Italian language
  • Check the students' daily assignments
  • Give presentations and teach students about the language history
  • Conduct the initial three classes for all the levels
  • Schedule meetings with the Italian faculty for doubt clearance for students
  • Schedule classes for Italian and German students
  • Select students for scholarships and international visits
  • Interview assistant teachers and recruit them
  • Conduct essay competitions and interpretation competitions for students
  • Arrange for guest lectures for students during summer semester
  • Conduct interviews for research assistantship

Institution: State university of Boston,MA
Job Title: Assistant Professor (Italian language)
Duration: 4 years


  • Conduct international visits for selected students
  • Teach the basic level classes
  • Hold conversations with students in the Italian language
  • Work with the Head of Department (HOD) and senior professors to schedule lectures and term ends
  • Assign projects to assistant professors
  • Invite guest lecturers
  • Give statistics of the exam results of all the levels to the Head of Department (HOD) and the Principal
  • Assist the Head of Department (HOD) in preparing the annual reports of the department
  • Edit the study materials
  • Conduct pronunciation classes for students

Certification and skills:

  • C2 Certified Professional in Italian Language
  • Strong interest in the teaching field
  • Knowledge about the basic computer skills


  • Won the international scholarship for Italian language
  • Won 1st place in inter-college translation competition
  • Won 2nd place in inter-college essay competition (Italian)


  1. Rachel D. Phillips
    54, 78th floor
    2417 Union Street
    Seattle, WA 98106
    Contact Number:887-663-751
    Email Address:

  2. Anthony C. Rodriguez
    89, 101st floor
    3542 Hill Street
    Napoleon, OH 43545
    Contact Number:541-890-765
    Email Address:


Andrew J. Rumbaugh

If you are an English native and have not learned any other language, it is certain that you would have a hard time understanding Italian, which is a Vulgar Latin derivation just as Spanish. If you have learned the language and are interested in teaching then here's a sample of Italian teacher resume written for you. Mentioning the educational details is of utmost importance, as education is the basic criteria set by a university to select candidates to teach a particular level. Your interest and expertise will definitely help you in teaching the language. It would be better if you have international certifications related to the language.

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