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International Education Resume

International education resume is required for the aspirers who want to work as a teacher or lecturer in foreign countries. Resume is a necessary tool that you require to showcase your education and skills needed for the job you are planning to apply for.

The resume you design for teaching abroad is similar to the resume that you prepare for a teaching job in your home country. The only difference is that you need to showcase your capability to work in a foreign country and have knowledge of foreign languages, especially the language spoken in that country. Before including your skills, you make an attempt to know the requirements of the college or school you are applying in. Now, draft your resume incorporating all those skills that the employer desires in a candidate applying for a similar position.

Steps to Write an International Education Resume

  • First of all, you need to know the needs of the school you are applying in. Check the foreign languages they expect from an applicant to know necessarily. You must be well educated in the language that you want to teach in that school. Another important thing is the age category of the students you would be dealing with being at that position. You should know your teaching capabilities very well. Your personal behavior should match with that requirement. Have a proper research done of the school or college you are applying in. Find out all the necessary data regarding the institution
  • Presenting your skills is essential while applying for any job. You must possess the skills required for that particular job post. While mentioning your skills, make sure to include those that are related to the teaching of the language you are applying for. Remember, your experience working with the expected age group also adds up to your eligibility for the post. You must mention all your education details and any relevant experience that you possess regarding the job. When talking about an international job, you need to have an adaptable nature, as the culture and the country would be completely different than that of yours. You must be adaptable to that country. If you have any experience where you had to get adapted to some situation, you can mention that as your skill. This will prove that you have the capacity to adapt to new conditions
  • As you will be residing in an international country when you get appointed, you can mention in your resume if you happen to have any past experience being in that country. If you have not been to that country, you can include your experience of studying in other countries, if at all you have. This may also count as a skill or experience. You must be curious about knowing about the world and have an adaptable nature
  • Teaching is all about understanding students and the subject that you are going to teach. Make sure that you display your interest in being a lecturer or in the teaching profile. You can also add some extracurricular activities that you have been involved in
  • Lastly, after you have completed writing your resume, just make sure that there are no mistakes and check the format. The length of your resume should not be more than one to two pages. Add in all the relevant skills and use short and descriptive words to keep the document concise

Steven T. Sperling
1092 Cardinal Lane
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 365-364-2745


Want to take up a teaching profile and work as a German Language Teacher in an international country. Possesses good experience in teaching and wants to sharpen the teaching skills while being at this post.


Midwestern University-Glendale campus, Arizona (June 2010)

  • Bachelor in Arts - German
  • GPA - 3.70

University of Arizona, Arizona (2008-2010)

  • Lived with a German family and traveled to various places in the country during the study period

Work Experience:

Life Guard, Summers 2012-present

  • Providing swimming lessons to children between the age of 4 and 9
  • Providing first aid to swimmers in case of any accident
  • Conducting aerobics classes and other swimming technique classes to swimmers
  • Handling about 15 staff members

Research Assistant, German Embassy, August 2010-May 2012

  • Collected information from the German print resources and translated it into English
  • Answered calls, sent faxes, made copies, and also performed other administrative functions

Co-curricular Activities

  • Swimming Team Member, Alliant International University - 2012
  • Swimmer's Award, Alliant International University - 2013


I declare that all the information in this document is true.


Steven T. Sperling

Working abroad as a teacher or lecturer requires high qualifications and the ability to get adapted to a new country. You must be well acquainted with the culture of the country. It would be a plus point if you have any past experience being in the same country. Preparing your resume is the first thing that you need to do if you are planning to apply for any job post. So, if you want to be an international educator and teach abroad, you can use the resume format provided above to draft your personal resume effectively.

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