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Homebound Teacher Resume

Job search is just as trying ways to bring yourself to the level of perfection. As a job seeker, it is required to build a resume that is perfect and unique. Therefore, a proper research of the job in question is necessary to obtain the job interview. It is best is to put yourself in the place of the employer. This will easily help in identifying the exact requirements of the employer.

This resume sample is not just about writing a great resume; it has something more than that. This homebound teacher resume sample educates job applicants about the simple ways of mastering the art of building an effective and result oriented resume. A homebound teacher is also known as a special education teacher. The job of a homebound teacher is to provide education and encourage learning abilities in the disabled children. A homebound teacher can work in a homebound environment and health care setting.

Some of the job responsibilities of a homebound teacher include assessing the needs of students, developing curriculum programs, preparing lesson plans, implementing standard teaching procedures, motivating students in learning the basic aspects, monitoring students' progress, evaluating educational plans and policies, coordinating with the staff in developing teaching goals and objectives, and much more.

The job of a homebound teacher is somewhat challenging. It is necessary to obtain a bachelor's degree in special education.

Jonis Charles
Supermarket Plaza, 789 High-way, 8th floor, Los Angeles
Phone: 444-886-9031

Career Goal:

To provide a safe and innovative educational atmosphere by working as a homebound teacher with the goal of addressing the educational and learning needs of children with medical problems in a renowned educational setting.

Summary of Job Knowledge & Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of special education curriculums, child development, and advance teaching techniques for homebound students
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest educational programs, current technologies, and homebound educational settings
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current technologies, teaching methods, instructional strategies, and record keeping procedures
  • Diverse knowledge of the techniques of managing student behavior, administrative regulations, and homebound curriculum content
  • In-depth knowledge of educational materials, teaching standards, and learning principles
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with a sound knowledge of classroom management and organization skills

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Special Education
Los Angles College of Arts, 2009

Work Experience:

Organization: Home Tutor Centre, Los Angles
Duration: September 2011 - till date
Designation: Homebound Teacher

  • Develop an education program that meets the educational philosophy and objectives of the center
  • Handle the responsibility of implementing instructional activities and a learning environment that fulfills the needs and learning styles of children
  • Perform the task of providing a learning support to children as well as developing homebound instructional plans
  • Handle the responsibility of preparing students' lesson plans and organizing special curriculums to improve the students' learning abilities
  • Evaluate educational plans and policies to ensure that they meet the set educational standards
  • Perform the responsibility of developing specialized instructional techniques and providing in-service programs to frame the goals and objectives related to teaching
  • Handle the task of providing compelling and meaningful learning experiences to children

Organization: Flowin Group, Los Angles
Duration: July 2009 to August 2011
Designation: Homebound Teacher

  • Shouldered the responsibility of assessing the educational requirements and learning skills of students by coordinating with their teachers and the school director
  • Handled the task of providing necessary instructions to individual students by communicating on a daily basis
  • Performed the responsibility of obtaining necessary teaching materials and books required for homebound instruction by following the set standards
  • Tested the skills, knowledge, and weaknesses of students to plan appropriate materials that meet the requirements
  • Shouldered the responsibility of updating knowledge of the educational trends and latest education techniques to address homebound instructions
  • Performed the task of establishing an innovative learning environment by applying various instructional strategies
  • Handled the responsibility of developing strong relationships with students and their families


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

This resume focuses on the overall structure and content that builds a perfect one. It is the right approach and the best way of promoting the skills and job experience. For any type of job position, this resume sample can be good use. It will help the job seekers in tailoring their skills and work experience in the most deserving way. It's all about writing a resume in a successful manner. Get ready to draft a resume that delivers a job interview with the help of this sample.

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