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High School Social Studies Teacher Resume

Man is a social animal. We have been learning this right from the day we were born. We need a society to live in and we are the ones who make the society a better place to live in. Parents, teachers, friends, and relatives help a child to grow up as a perfect citizen. Social studies is a subject which helps students to learn about the society they live in.

This subject is a part of a student's curriculum right from kindergarten to Grade XII. It comprises of different subjects such as geography, government and regulations, civic ideals, etc. It, thus, helps one to get acquainted with the society and become a good citizen of the country.

Just as any other job profile, high school social studies teacher also has certain requirements pertaining to qualifications and certifications. The basic qualification required to work as a social studies teacher demands the candidate to hold a bachelor's degree in social studies and possess a certification in teaching. These teachers study about educational philosophy, learning and teaching psychology and methodology, etc. However, to get a job in the same, one has to present all these qualifications and skills effectively.

A well written high school social studies teacher resume sample will help in the same. It will help one to present his qualifications, expertise, and skills in a compact 2-3 page resume, which gives the employer an account of the academic and professional years of his life. One important point to note while drafting a resume is that one must remember that the employer or recruiter has to go through many job applications and he does not have the time to read the resumes completely. He, thus, just scans the resume.

Your resume should be such that it provides the employer all the required information at a glimpse. The resume sample given below will prove helpful to the aspiring candidates for the said position.

John S. Smith
625 Glendale Avenue
Waukegan, IL 60086
Phone: 847-686-7742

Career Objective:

With a total experience and expertise gained over a work tenure of 4 years, I am looking forward to work at a senior position with higher job responsibilities. I wish to use my expertise to the utmost by not just conducting lectures for students, but also transforming the overall manner in which this subject is taught.

Career Summary:

Having completed my certification course in the year 2010, I joined Marks & Wendel Elementary and High School, Waukegan, Illinois. I worked there as a Social Studies Teacher for elementary level and later in the year 2012, joined SVM High School, Waukegan, Illinois, wherein I taught the subject to high school students. At every stage of my career, I proved my excellence and ability and was thus, appreciated for my work. I was awarded with the “Best Teacher and Mentor” award at Marks & Wendel Elementary and High School, while quitting the organization, for my work and dedication.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with the subject and its impact and importance in terms of the society
  • Expertise in coming up with examples and live or current scenarios to make sessions interesting and simple to understand
  • Good listener and excellent speaker
  • Having worked with elementary and high school level students, thorough with the requirements and grasping abilities of students
  • Expertise in providing individual mentoring and educational counseling to students
  • Well acquainted with the requirements of the subject and methods of teaching and learning
  • Thorough with the evaluation procedures
  • Expertise in keeping students motivated and interested in the sessions
  • High enthusiastic, friendly, and caring with a positive approach towards life

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Marks & Wendel Elementary and High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2010-2012)
Designation: Social Studies Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Handle a class of 25 students independently
  • Demonstrate expertise in conducting sessions in a way that promotes two way interaction and helps to understand the practicality of the sessions
  • Make use of audio-visual teaching aids such as documentary films, presentations, etc., to make sessions interesting and easy to understand
  • Conduct regular tests, monitor term end exams, draft test papers, etc., evaluate the same, and provide proper feedback to students
  • Help students to stay updated with the current events, latest government regulations, social issues and laws, etc.

Previous Work Experience

A] SVM High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2012 - Till Date)
Designation: Social Studies Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Train high school students and those elementary schools, when required
  • Develop a simplified teaching approach to make the subject interesting and simple for students
  • Stress more on visual cues, audio-video presentations, etc., to make sessions simple and highly beneficial for students


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Social Studies, DSY University of Social Sciences, Waukegan, Illinois - 2009
  • Certification Course in Education, Institute of Diploma and Certification Courses, Waukegan, Illinois - 2010


Looking for similar opportunities in Waukegan or Athens.


John S. Smith

The high school social studies teacher resume sample given above caters to the needs of a candidate willing to apply for the same position in a high school or elementary school. Make sure that you segregate the resume and present it in a way that it provides all the information to the employer at a glimpse and helps him to take an immediate right decision about your candidature.

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