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High School Dance Teacher Resume

Preparing a resume without experience can be a challenging and difficult task. Even if you have the relevant skills and work experience, there is a lot that you need to work on to put them in fine words and in proper structure.

This high school dance teacher resume example is a way of preparing an attention getting resume. It makes proper selection of words and format to make the resume a fine piece of writing. This sample will help the job seekers in drafting a resume that stands distinctly. The following resume answers the questions on the ways and techniques of building a perfect resume. You will get a better idea of what exactly to include in your resume with the help of this sample.

A high school dance teacher works in schools that provide dance and music classes. The goal of a high school dance teacher is to educate and teach various forms of dance to high school students.

The responsibilities of a high school teacher include choreographing dance items, providing directions in dance rehearsals, instructing dance forms to groups and individual students, organizing dance programs and events, providing dance training to students, teaching various forms of dance, including classical and modern, coordinating in dance competitions, teaching appropriate choreography forms as per the age and body flexibility of students, providing training sessions to students in participating in dance competitions, estimating a budget for organizing dance programs, and so on.

High school dance teachers should be well versed with various dance forms and movements as well as the choreography forms. A bachelor's degree in fine arts (dance) is mandatory to become a high school dance teacher. The job demands excellent communication, interpretation, and organization skills.

Jasmith Handew
990 Settlers Woods Lane, New York 10016
Phone: (333) - 120- 8875


Looking for a position as a dance teacher to provide instructions on various dance forms, both classical and modern, in a major educational institution or high school.

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Arts, 2010
University of New York, NY

Knowledge & Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of dance forms, body movements, and dance techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of dance trends and dance history
  • Extensive knowledge of assessing a student's movement abilities and learning capabilities
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Organization and management skills
  • Hands-on experience in organizing dance competitions at state and national levels

Job Experience:

Organization: Saint Mary, New York
Designation: Dance Teacher
Duration: January 2012 -till date

  • Selected appropriate dance forms suitable for different age groups
  • Performed the task of developing dance techniques and providing instructions for every dance step that meet the music and rhythm
  • Took the responsibility of determining appropriate music by studying the dance choreography
  • Evaluated the dancing skills of students and provided dance training to develop skills
  • Handled the task of dividing the age levels of students to develop appropriate dance rehearsal programs as required
  • Performed the responsibility of selecting appropriate costumes and coordinating in rehearsal activities

Organization: Florence School, New York
Designation: Line Mechanic Trainee
Duration: July 2010 to January 2012

  • Performed the responsibility of developing appropriate dance forms and teaching techniques for students of different age groups
  • Executed the task of assessing the abilities of the learners and their physical movements
  • Provided training to students in different forms of dance
  • Handled the responsibility of making necessary arrangements for organizing dance competitions for students of different age groups
  • Performed the task of providing education on dance history, origin, and forms
  • Handled the responsibility of performing other administrative duties as required

Answer the requirements of the employer as entirely as possible. It also requires to make a word-perfect, style appealing, and well presentable resume to win an opportunity. The idea behind writing this resume is to make aware of the overall content and techniques of presenting the information. This resume example will help to speak volumes about your skills and job experience. You can even make the impression that you can become an important asset of the organization. This resume sample presents the information in such a way that it appeals to the employer of a specific industry. Help yourself to know all that you need in preparing a complete resume with the help of the one updated in the page.

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