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Gym Teacher Resume

Sedentary lifestyle has made it important for people to workout in gyms, practice yoga, etc. Today, everybody is getting more and more health conscious. The “size zero” craze or the craze to have a fit and healthy body is forcing many to opt for a regular workout schedule. Not only this, but the increasing health problems are also making it necessary for people to workout regularly.

To begin with a workout schedule or plan the right schedule and learn different exercises, people resort to the help of a gym teacher, more popularly known as gym instructor, fitness instructor, or fitness trainer. As the name suggests, this person is responsible for training gym members or members under his mentoring in different exercises and planning a workout schedule for them.

In order to become a gym trainer, one needs to be well-acquainted with the health and fitness requirements, different gym equipment, etc., hold expertise in different workouts, and be capable of training and guiding the members to follow the same. He should also have complete knowledge of the exercises one should opt for at a particular age or to get rid of a particular health problem, etc.

There are certain requirements put forth by an employer when he invites applications for the said post. Let us understand the same as well as read the gym teacher resume sample given here for further assistance on applying for the said post.

Requirements for working as a gym teacher:

  • Good physique
  • No health issues
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Expertise in using gym equipment
  • Thorough with different workouts
  • Expertise in yoga, meditation, gymnastics, aerobics, etc., is an added advantage
  • Thorough knowledge of diet and nutrition plans

Hillary F. Muscat
ZEE Dew Lane Drive
Athens, IL 60731
Phone: 882-228-2288

Career Objective:

Having worked as a Gym Instructor and gained thorough expertise, willing to work as a Gym Teacher, wherein I get to guide a specific group of members and be solely responsible for their health and fitness. Seeking similar opportunities with some of the renowned gyms of Athens or Chicago.

Career Summary:

With a relevant work experience of 5.5 years, I am currently working as a Gym Instructor with Andy's Fitness Center, where I am mainly responsible for guiding and monitoring the floor workouts of the members. I joined the organization as a Trainee after completing my certification course and gradually moved on to the position of Instructor. Besides this, I assist personal fitness instructors in helping the members under their mentoring to follow their workout regimens.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aerobics
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Workouts for losing belly fat

Summary of Skills:

  • Proven ability of helping members to lose weight
  • Expertise in using various physical fitness equipment used in a gym
  • Thorough with different workout activities, aerobics, yoga, and meditation
  • Expertise in devising a proper workout schedule for gym members
  • Well acquainted with diet and nutrition needs
  • Expertise in personal fitness training developed over the years by assisting personal fitness trainers
  • Expertise in coordinating and monitoring the health and fitness charts of members

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Andy's Fitness Center, Athens, Illinois (2012-till date)
Designation: Gym Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitor gym members during workout and ensure that utmost safety is maintained while working out
  • Plan a workout regime for gym members after performing a thorough BMI analysis, taking measurements, reading their health and medical reports, etc.
  • Plan a diet for the members in assistance with the nutritionist
  • Monitor the workout regime and diet of the members
  • Monitor the usage of physical equipment and ensure that the exercise schedule is followed strictly
  • Review the workout regime and effects of the same on the members and change the schedule as and when required
  • At the end of every month, review the fitness quotient of the members and draft further schedules and diets accordingly
  • Update the records with the latest improvements or problems related to health and fitness and make use of the same while making workout schedules
  • Conduct aerobics, meditation, and yoga sessions

Previous Work Experience

A]Andy's Fitness Center (2008-2012)
Designation: Assistant Gym Instructor (2010-2012)
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist gym instructors in training the members
  • Assist the members in using the workout equipment
  • Monitor the members while working out to ensure their safety
  • Help members in executing their workout and yoga exercises

Designation: Trainee (2008-2010)
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take measurements and make records of gym members
  • Ensure that all the gym equipment are working properly
  • Monitor gym members while working out
  • Explain diet and workout schedules to the members
  • Explain them about different physical equipment and their usage


  • High School Diploma from JSP High School, Athens, Illinois - 2007
  • Certification Course in Fitness Training - 2008


Available on prior request


Hillary F. Muscat

The gym teacher resume sample given above explicitly provides details about the job profile of a gym teacher/instructor. The resume sample also puts forth the format of a professional resume, which can be used as a resume template by the candidates to apply for similar job positions. One can add or exclude certain sections as required and make his resume a reflection of his abilities and skills.

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