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Guidance Counselor Resume

School children need the best mentoring and upbringing. This is an age wherein a child can get distracted and may thus fail to become a good citizen in future. Besides parents, the school authorities also take special efforts to help such students. They appoint a guidance counselor, who works in cooperation with these students and helps them to solve their problems, watch their errant behavior, etc. Thus, a person who wishes to work at this position must be familiar with the psychology of children and should love children.

Anyone interested in this job position can refer to this sample of guidance counselor resume and understand more about the roles and responsibilities associated with this position.

Carl Furman
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
Email -
Phone: 875 124923

Career Objective:

My career aim is not just working with the best schools, but associating with them so that the children can benefit from my guidance and counseling. Besides, I would like to find an opportunity where I get to prove my abilities and skills by helping students become better citizens and help mold the future of the nation.

Career Summary:

Two years of work experience as a Guidance Counselor at St. John's High School, Illinois. I have shifted to Massachusetts (MA) recently with my husband and am currently looking for a job in the state. Considerable experience and interest to understand and help children in their growing as an individual makes me perfect for this field.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Certified Facilitator for Parent Expectations Support Achievement (PESA)
  • Good convincing and analytical skills
  • Good at analyzing the causes of a particular behavior of the child, finding solutions to the same, and helping the child to work towards improving it
  • Constantly updated on the career opportunities and upcoming fields to give the right career guidance
  • Use various methodologies of child psychology to help reach conclusions
  • Organize various group activities for children

Current employment details: Unemployed (shifted to MA recently)

Previous Employer

St, John's High School
Designation: Guidance Counselor
(January 2012-January 2014)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Keep a check on the overall behavior of students
  • Identify problematic children and analyze their behavioral discrepancies
  • Communicate with parents and teachers of the students and try to develop a further insight in order to reach a correct behavioral analysis
  • Hold one-on-one sessions with children and try to understand their concerns
  • Help children adapt to the situations and develop a positive approach
  • Guide students and help them to take the right path to achieve their goals
  • Provide appropriate career guidance to help students choose the right career option
  • Stay updated on various career options, their requirements, etc., and provide the required information to students
  • Conduct meetings with teachers, students, and parents on a regular basis


Awarded with the 'Best Mentor' award for the year 2012-2013 for helping to maintain complete discipline in the school and working in great cooperation with children.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D in Child Psychology (2010 - 2012)
  • Post Graduation - Master of Arts with Honors in Child Psychology (2008 - 2010)
  • Graduation - Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Human Psychology (2005 - 2008)


Awarded with a gold medal for providing a thesis on 'Changing Child Behavior'.

Extra-curricular activities:

  • Won State-level Table Tennis Championship - 2012
  • Volunteered in a rehabilitation program organized for orphans - 2013
  • Worked as a volunteer with Ray of Hope Orphanage and spent quality time every weekend with the children staying there


Available on request.


I hereby declare that the information given above is true as per my knowledge. I promise to provide the required document proofs as and when required.


Carl Furman

The job of a guidance counselor is a highly responsible one because she has to deal with children of different ages, coming from different backgrounds and help them to take the right path in their careers. Besides the full time job, these counselors also work on freelance basis for different clients. However, the average salary for this profile is approximately US$ 51,050. The sample of guidance counselor resume given above puts forth the skills, qualifications, roles, and responsibilities of this position. Anyone willing to apply for the same can thus refer to this sample and draft a resume that helps to portray oneself as a suitable candidate for the said position.

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