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Environmental Science Teacher Resume

The main responsibility of an environmental science teacher is to provide environmental science education to his students. For this purpose, he has to do a lot of homework such as planning and developing the environmental science education programs so that they are consistent with educational policies and philosophies of the government. He must enhance the knowledge about environmental science by attending related meetings, visiting connected facilities, and referring to and learning from professional literatures.

He has to develop contacts with the experts dealing with environmental science and basic educational teachers and exchange ideas with them as a part of the learning process. Based on the district's philosophies, goals, and objectives, the teacher has to prepare environmental science education plans for each group of students and teach them. He has to use several instructional techniques to teach all the groups of students and conduct lectures through media.

An environmental science teacher is also responsible to protect students and their belongings and enforce them to follow the rules, policies, and regulations of the school in true spirit. He must also assist other teachers in the supply of instructional materials. It is also his responsibility to arrange for workshops, seminars, and conferences for professional growth.

Dana R
4417, Hiney Road
Las Vegas
NV-89101, USA
Phone: 702-234-6396

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of environmental science teacher to exhibit my skills and strengths in a professional school in order to enhance my professional growth.

Areas of Excellence:

  • Admirable experience in teaching environmental science, particularly related to urban environment
  • Good knowledge about the theories and practices of environmental education and still a learner in the subject
  • Acquired more knowledge of the subject by attending many seminars and reading subject books
  • Flexible with any working hours
  • Admirable ability to maintain a high standard of education, meeting the prescribed academic standards
  • Good communication skills and ability to lead a team by maintaining cordial relationships
  • Committed to the teaching profession and has excellent instructional skills
  • Also, good knowledge on ecological science

Professional Experience:

At present, I am employed as an environmental science teacher with Little Flower High School, Mina, NV since September, 2012. The job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Delivering lectures on important subjects such as forest reserve policies, protection of forestry, forest pathology, and mapping to students
  • Arranging for science exhibitions with a special reference to environmental science and teaching students through them practically
  • Teaching students about biology, ecology, and natural resources and ways to preserve them
  • Teaching students about the safety measures to be taken at industry level and how the environment can be safeguarded by the industries
  • Encouraging students to explain the public about the need to maintain a safe environment and engaging them on cleaning and maintaining a particular area once a month to create awareness among the public
  • Besides the above efforts, arranging for community presentations in an attempt to educate the public

Professional Experience:

Prior to the above employment, I worked as an environmental science teacher in a high school in Layton, UT from August, 2010 to August, 2012. The job responsibilities were as given hereunder:

  • Designed lesson plans on environmental science, adhering to the ordained philosophies
  • Performed the job of creating a safe and clean environment in the classrooms
  • Adopted new techniques in teaching the subject to students and made them realize the importance of a clean environment
  • Enhanced knowledge by referring to professional literatures of the subject and taught students about them to enable them to understand their importance
  • Arranged special lectures on environmental science by experts for the benefit of students, parents, and others


Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from University of Wisconsin


Available on request

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