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Engineering Teacher Resume

The field of engineering has a wide scope which provides immense options for one to choose from. IT, computer, automotive, mechanical, etc., - there are different fields of engineering to choose from and make a career into.

Every year, many students enroll themselves for different streams and courses of engineering and with this, the requirement for faculty personnel for the same also keeps on increasing. Professors teaching in engineering colleges need to qualify for the eligibility requirements put forth by the employer.

Usually, colleges select candidates who have completed their master's degree in the said stream. Some industrial experience is also one of mandatory criteria put forth by the employers. Besides, the candidates should possess excellent teaching skills, wherein they could communicate and connect with their students in a way that it creates a friendly learning environment for them. Such an environment helps the teacher in developing and maintaining the students' interest in the class.

The teacher will also need to possess expertise in practical assignments and experiments such that the students could actually learn the application of the theories and concepts learned in the class. It is not a subject that just needs mugging up of theories; practical application is very important and therefore, those candidates with industrial experience get an added advantage. Candidates who possess these skills can make use of the engineering teacher resume sample given below to apply for the said position.

Julia T. Barbara
South Drive Connecticut Street
Hartford, CT 75069
Phone: 885-445-4444

Career Objective:

Willing to use my teaching skills and industrial experience to help the budding engineers to develop thorough expertise in automobile engineering and come out with flying colors. Career Summary:

A total work experience of 8 years and relevant experience of 3 years in the field of automobile engineering helps me to use my industrial expertise and teaching skills to help the aspiring engineers master the art and science of automobile engineering. Willing to work with institutes that give due importance to practical application of knowledge in the grading systems rather than just considering theoretical knowledge for assigning the grades. Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Expertise in automobile design engineering
  • Excellent teaching and mentoring skills
  • Expertise in using various machinery, tools, software, etc., available for automobile designing and manufacturing
  • Thorough with the innovation and latest trends pertaining to the designing and manufacturing of automobiles
  • Expertise in training students and developing their practical knowledge and approach towards the subject
  • Expertise in motivating students to bring in innovation and creativity in their projects and work towards substantiating the same
  • Highly cooperative and enthusiastic nature, which helps in keeping students motivated and boost up their morale to put in the best in their projects and assignments
  • Expertise in maintaining a friendly learning environment in the class such that the students feel free to communicate, share, and discuss their ideas and doubts

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Melvin Donatello Technical University, Hartford, CT (2011-till date)
Designation: Professor - Automobile Engineering
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD) of Automobile Engineering department
  • Conduct sessions for bachelor and master's degree programs
  • Plan sessions based on the syllabus and requirements of students
  • Follow a two way communication and friendly approach in the classroom such that students actively participate in the sessions and not just act as mere listeners
  • Give due importance to the practical application of theories and concepts, motivate students to innovate and experiment, help them with the same, conduct industrial visits, etc.
  • Assign different projects and assignments to students and grade them based on the same
  • Support and encourage innovation and creative ideas of students such that they come up with promising designs or mechanical configurations to improve the performance of automobiles
  • Help students participate in different automobile exhibitions, fairs, competitions, etc., and try to arrange sponsorship for their projects
  • Provide thorough assistance to students participating in different contests such that they could substantiate their ideas, make proper working models of their ideas, get proper monetary assistance to pursue their projects, etc.
  • Evaluate students' assignments and projects
  • Evaluate test papers and exam answer sheets
  • Grade students and provide the required feedback
  • Assist students in getting internships

Previous Work Experience:

A] Jackson's Automobile Manufacturing Unit, Hartford, CT (2003-2011)
Designation: Sr. Engineer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make dies and designs as per the client requirements and work towards manufacturing the same
  • Explain the production procedure to junior engineers by producing a few dummy models of the design required by the client
  • Work on developing CAD of vehicles or vehicle parts and send the same for client approval
  • Ensure that the produce meets the standard specifications put forth by the client and execute a thorough quality check before passing the produce to the client
  • Communicate and coordinate with the clients and department head to ensure that the client's requirements are fulfilled
  • Explain the production requirement to the labors working on the manufacturing machines


  • Master of Engineering with Honors in Automobile Engineering, SPS Technical University, Hartford, CT - 2003
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Automobile Design Engineering, SPS Technical University, Hartford, CT - 2001


Simona P. Park - Chief Engineer, Jackson's Automobile Manufacturing Unit
Tel: 885-854-7785


Julia T. Barbara

The engineering teacher resume sample shared herewith gives a proper idea of the candidature for the said post. In the resume sample given above, the candidate possesses industrial experience highlighted effectively which in turn strengthens his candidature. Be it a freshman or an experienced candidate, it is mandatory to segregate the information in the resume in a way that the employer could easily get all the required information. Giving proper headings and using bullet points as shown in the sample above increases the legibility of your resume. Go ahead and make your resume effective and convincing to win a job interview.

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