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Early Childhood Lead Teacher Resume

Early childhood lead teacher's responsibilities and roles are very essential in offering young children with the necessary environment to get developed in proper surroundings. In addition to this, the teacher is responsible to take proper care of children's health and hygiene, which are highly critical in early child development. So, creating appropriate learning atmosphere and providing health care practices is vital along with effective instruction skills. While developing early childhood lead teacher resume, you have to have a focused view about critical teaching and instruction skills to offer children with a friendly and caring exposure to build themselves.

For developing an effective resume, learn the various duties that an early childhood lead teacher needs to perform. Focus on emotional and development engagements with children to keep them busy with friendly and supportive tasks with expert instruction skills.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Developing an appropriate learning atmosphere to support infants and children with proper home care
  • Maintaining hygienic and clean surroundings to ensure proper development assistance
  • Taking care of children with reinforcement of educational plans and programs
  • Managing home daycare services support to meet the children's daily requirements

Thus, an early childhood lead teacher needs to concentrate on a number of things, right from designing proper syllabus and educational programs to evaluating students' personal needs and evaluation with respect to the development programs. Therefore, your resume should deal with all these investigations in a proper way.

Below, see the given sample to understand what your resume needs to contain and how you can successfully portray professional accomplishments in the field.

Dale V. Craig
601 Thrash Trail
Longview, TX 75601
Phone: 637-847-7363
Email Address:


Eagerly waiting for an educational institution's offer to provide proper development support to serve the early growing needs of infants and children with appropriate health care and instruction. Familiarity with home daycare makes me confident, so that I can handle the childhood leading teacher roles in the most effective manner.


  • Assisted as a Early Childhood Teacher for 2 years
  • 2 years of service as a Home Daycare Supervisor
  • Professional administration and instruction support
  • Practiced in education and child development programs
  • Familiarity with education processes and advanced teaching aids and methodologies
  • Executed educational consulting on part time basis


  • Evaluation and administration skills
  • Effective teaching instruction and development support
  • Integrated teaching skills and successful interactions with learners
  • Good decision making power
  • Strong reasoning abilities to logically relate things
  • Psychological understanding to comprehend learning capacities and issues

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office functions management
  • Basic 3D designing and animation
  • Advanced Technological Education (ATE)


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) from Bridgewater College, TX | 2010
  • Diploma in Advanced Teaching Aids and Programs Management from Bluefield College, TX | 2011
  • Teaching Aids for Schools and Advance Learning Management

Professional Experience:

Saint Mary's High School Chicago, IL
Designation: Early Childhood Teacher Assistant

July 2012-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Developing team activities and solving children's queries in relation to resource materials
  • Evaluating teaching programs and analyzing the necessity of change with effective suggestions
  • Offering evaluation and development support to deal with initial team work activities
  • Assisting the early childhood lead teacher in the development of educational programs and their effective administration

Davis and Elkins Primary School Washington, DC
Designation: Home Daycare Supervisor

January 2010-March 2012
Role and Responsibilities

  • Implemented development programs with necessary indoor and outdoor excellence of instructions
  • Oversaw proper care and reinforcement to manage growth and nurturing of skills
  • Managed the portfolios of services with scientific observation of organizational policies and procedures
  • Ensured children participation in education and training programs with personality development perspective
  • Ascertaining cleanliness and hygiene for proper health care services


  • Gardening
  • Drawing and painting
  • Spending time with children
  • Information collection and online research
  • Reading and writing


  • Recognized for providing effective contribution to update teaching methodologies and programs with careful research and identification of the areas of improvement


  • Availed membership of a educational teaching and consulting program, offering technical support services to implement new technological developments in the field

Mobility and Flexibility:

Comprehensive understanding of advanced teaching aids and methodologies to deal with effective instruction supplementation. Competent in solving children's issues and queries with response to the growing stress and competition in the field of business development.


Here, I state that the given information is trustworthy and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Dale V. Craig

Early childhood lead teacher profile demands a good caring and supportive person, who can handle children very well and offer them with proper development exposure to bring out their best. So, focus on clarifying good administration and supervision skills that supplement your teaching skills and ensure a friendly environment for children.

Deal with previous working performances with daycare services and educational programs that assist in the creation of supportive surroundings for infants. Cite your achievements and administration excellence to handle syllabus and program designing tasks. Thus, put forth a systematic representation of the qualifications and skills that communicate your execution strengths in a well organized structure.

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